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Dallas, TX Auto Transmissions Sale

There are gearbox sellers in Dallas in the state of Texas although it can be a challenge to choose one. The rise of auction companies has taken the used auto parts industry into a new direction. Consumers now struggle to find someone to trust to buy automobile or work truck inventory. Got Transmissions has been a trusted source to buy transmissions for sale in Dallas, TX for more than a decade. Shoppers who appreciate automotive industry standards find what they need here.

Auto distributors now handle the bulk of what a local auto parts store provides to consumers. It is from data offered by these companies that stores in the metro Dallas area use to configure pricing and trends. For someone who needs a 1985 TH125C transmission, this usually does not fit the trends of sales forecasts the retailers now use. It takes a qualified third party seller to handle all of the secondary market inventory consumers demand.

Automatic or Manual Transmission Shipments to Dallas

There used to be only 2 motor vehicle transmission types. These were known as automatic or manual controlled. Due to automotive innovation, there are now electronic editions, CVT and units that have more than the regular 4 gears. Technology has changed although the shipping industry still suffers. There can be local providers of replacement gearboxes although not enough shippers.

Freight delivery is expensive for some heavy-duty transmissions. The fact is that many smaller retailers charge the most for shipping costs. When a person in Dallas County, TX tries to buy a unit online, the shipment costs are likely much higher in some cases. ships professionally packaged automotive gearboxes to the cities of Dallas, Houston and other areas in South Texas daily.

Transmissions for Sale with Warranties

Once the shipment debacle is out of the way for a consumer, the next option apart from checking out is learning about what a retailer provides for OEM parts in a gearbox. There are no delicate parts used in automatic and electronic units. These are warranted for only a limited time through a manufacturer warranty. Assemblies purchased used are not always protected from major failures or unforeseen problems. supplies its units with a good warranty policy. The actual coverages can be found on this portal. Unlike an auction or local retailer, these warranties are sold without cost to a buyer. Getting protection without paying extra for it is a big plus for shopping here. To locate affordable units now shipping, the resources on this page are available to use. Shipments to the metro Dallas area and surrounding neighborhoods can be arranged during the phone or e-commerce checkout process.

Used Ford ATX Transmission

The 3-gear ATX transmission by Ford was used between the 1981 and 1994 production years. As a front-wheel drive gearbox, this assembly was fitted on many sedans and coupe vehicles with I4 or V6 motors. Many of the replacement components that are used to rebuild a three-speed model cannot be interchanged. Before someone buys a used Ford ATX transmission, sale prices can be checked on this website.

The gear ratios in the ATX are 2.84, 1.54 and 1.00. There was a reverse gear in this model geared at 2:33. Like many older gearboxes, Ford used hydraulic fluid to control most of the shifting needed in all of the 3 gears. This system is known as a fluid link converter setup that is no longer in use. Before the installation of a magnet and solenoid, Ford relied on this older technology.

Vehicles Using ATX Ford Transmissions

Some vehicle types more than others used a 3-speed gearbox. The Escort, EXP, Lynx, Taurus and Topaz are the most notable vehicles. Transmission controls were not available in the early to late 1980s and all changes were mechanical. While this made the ATX gearbox easy to work on, it was not built for expansion. Ford finally terminated the 3-speed after the 1994 year.

The FWD builds that were produced in the 13 years of ATX production were actually reliable. The bushings, washers, clutch plates, bushings and ATX pump were solid pieces of machinery. When buying any used Ford transmission, someone should know how to correctly identify a unit and ask if a build is in good shape. Problems can be avoided with a thorough overview of a gearbox.

Used 3-Speed Transmission Warranties

An o-ring can fail in a hydraulic controlled gearbox. This can cause direct leakage and lead to lock up of the gears. Because seals need to be checked by mechanics, not every person shopping on the web for a replacement transmission will receive great service. The units that are for sale at are genuine assemblies. All OEM parts are in tact and every model works as it was intended.

What sets inventory found here apart from secondary sellers is the multi-year warranties. At a minimum, buyers shopping here are offered a good protection plan. This is designed to provide an easier swap through a mechanic or self-installation. What is placed into a Ford or Mercury vehicle will work expertly. Most components are included in the extended OEM protection offered.

Buy ATX Ford Gearboxes for Sale

There is a direct phone line used to serve information to consumers featured here. By calling this number, a person can speak in real time with a gearbox expert. A question about the used ATX transmission from Ford offered for sale here could be answered quickly. Double checking a VIN number by phone can prevent ordering the wrong assembly.

For someone who likes web price quotes, the programmed computer system at is easy to use. By supplying the requested information, a price is available to preview before an order is placed.

Used FNR5 Transmission

The FNR5 transmission code is used by Ford to rebrand the original Mazda FS5A-EL gearbox. This automatic 4-speed build was been inserted in two of the popular Ford Motor Company vehicles over the past decade. While Ford vehicle installations were short lived, there is still demand for a used FNR5 transmission by the public. Units can be purchased at for a sale price.

The 2.3-liter motor was used in the Ford and Mercury vehicles that were paired up with the 4-speed FNR5. The Milan and the Fusion were equally manufactured with similar specs. One good thing for transmission buyers is that a lot of aftermarket components are still available for the electronic assemblies produced under the Ford-Mazda partnership.

History of the FS5A-EL Gearbox

Depending on what vehicle is selected, there are different histories of the 4-speed Mazda design. What Ford uses and what Mazda uses is slightly different. The bushings and valve bodies are often the same in the Fusion as those in the Focus. Mazda did not cross-promote OEM components and uses all original manufacturing its version of the FNR5 assemblies.

There is little information for a person to uncover who is interested in maybe rebuilding a FS5A-EL transmission. Since Ford rebadged its units, locating parts for sale for each of these units is often tiresome. It can be a better option to just replace the entire assembly if a problem is preventing normal operation. What is offered for sale on this resource is authentic OEM builds in slightly used condition.

FNR5 Used Transmissions with Warranties

It can be a lot easier to get the most years of life out of a gearbox when a warranty is present. Because parts are in low supply, using mail order companies or catalog retailers is pretty much the only option to replace a defective clutch or bearing. Every 4-speed Ford transmission for sale right on this website already includes a pretty friendly warranty policy.

It is impossible though to cover every part from pending damage. It is possible to cover about 90% of what can go wrong in a Mazda designed FNR5 Ford assembly. The things that are covered in the warranty plan apply to reverse clutch, reverse drum, forward clutch, differential, electrical components and steel plates.

Buy FNR5 Used Ford Automatic Transmissions

Without getting technical, there are a lot of issues that can happen with a secondary market gearbox. What makes sense is to buy one in complete condition with a great plan of coverage. provides one of the only inventories on a national level that includes shipping and warranty costs in the sale price. This is an excellent value to average people.

To get started buying in real time, the Mazda or Ford make of a vehicle must be provided in the search box. Because prices are based on inventory that is shippable, people comparing prices could be surprised at how low the price tags really are.

Used 5R100W Torqshift Transmission

Ford manufactured its Torqshift 5R100W transmission in the first part of the 2000s. This gearbox was commonly paired up with the diesel powered trucks. The 5-speed assemblies are now more common to find for gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. There is no better place to buy a used 5R100W Torqshift transmission than on this second hand resource. Searches happen here 365 days a year for used inventory.

There are 5 gears not including a reverse mounted gear in the 5R100W. These units were built in Ohio during the 2003 to 2009 years. The popular 6.0-liter engine as well as the 6.4-liter units were normally installed with the late model Torqshift gearboxes. The 1100 torque capacity is how Ford came up with the 5R100W naming scheme.

RWD Automatic 5-Speed Transmission

Ford has mastered the manufacturing of its automatic gearboxes over the past 40 years. More sophisticated technologies are now a big part of what is placed into modern components. The PTO mode found on most truck gearboxes has improved the shifting especially during towing. A different way to cool assemblies is now provided to prevent overheating when towing heavy equipment.

The tow and haul mode featured in the RWD 5R100W gearbox has simplified downshifts and upshifts. The wide ratio gearing found in the 5-speed is what keeps many truck owners happy. The 4-speed builds found in the late 1990s did not have the same torque capacity as the ones built in the mid 2000s. Only Mercon fluid is recommended for each case assembly.

Torqshift Transmissions with Warranties

While there is nothing quite like a reliable OEM component, there is no guarantee that used parts buyers receive through salvage companies. Once a typical 60-day limit passes, a person will usually have to pay out of pocket for a gearbox problem. With the inventory shippable, a clear plan of warranty coverage is provided to every consumer.

Nearly all of the internal components are included in the national coverage plans. An activated warranty will supply a number of years of general protection. While the Torqshift gearboxes are very reliable, there is mileage on the units that are posted for consumer sale here online. The warranty helps to validate long range customer service commitments.

Buy Cheap 5-Speed 5R100W Transmissions

When people work together, a good relationship is born. Not every seller in the auto industry cares about consumers. If a gear ratio fails in a used unit, who is responsible? Aside from the cheaper prices featured here, all sticker prices for Ford inventory includes the cost of freight charges in the USA.

This creates an even better relationship with auto body companies, mechanics and regular people who buy transmission inventory. To begin reviewing the Torqshift inventory, accurately select the model year and make of a Ford Motor Company vehicle. This generates an exact match in the e-commerce system to promote every unit on sale.

Used 350C Transmission

The 350C transmission was used by GM through the 1970s and late 1980s. First derived from the 300 series, the 3-speed powered assembly found its way into a majority of manufactured automobiles. There are differences among the many THM gearboxes that can be purchased on the web. Knowing how to buy a used 350C transmission can help a car owner or mechanic choose wisely.

GM started to classify older and newer technology with different gearbox codes in the 1976 year. A designation of “c” means that the model as the included lockup torque converter. There was a later heavy-duty edition that appeared in some V8 powered vehicles that had the code “b” after the 350. Being careful when purchasing a used gearbox ensures the right one is found.

350C Gearboxes with Torque Converters

There are thousands of replacement gearboxes being sold across the United States each day. While every dealer is different, there are some assemblies that are sold incomplete. Because the lockup torque converter come standard on the 350C, a person buying this unit should receive the complete build. Some dealers do not include additional clutches or converters at the point of sale.

The 700R4 transmission ended up replacing the older THM350C transmission around 1986. The gear ratios that are found on the original “c” units include 2.52 first gear, 1.52 second gear, 1.00 third gear and 2.07 reverse gear. Someone who buys a replacement on the web should always take a moment to verify the correct ratio of all gears. This can eliminate the risk of an installation problem due to the wrong gearing.

RWD 3-Speed TH350C Transmissions

The reverse mounted design of the THM gearboxes is still a GM standard. While better technology has now been created, what has not changed is the build quality of the actual housing. markets one of the biggest turbo-hydramatic inventories of replacement gearboxes in the USA. Because of the scale of units available, warranties are part of the consumer package at the time of purchase.

It takes a good warranty to provide an extended life for transmission parts. The clutches, springs, pressure plates and coils can all deteriorate over time. General Motors OEM installations were made to last although used assemblies can have a number of unexpected problems. The warranty offered without cost on this website is standard for every automatic unit.

Low Cost 350C Transmissions for Sale

The low sticker price applied to units that are on sale at this website is because of the volume of assemblies distributed. Some of the top distributors are the very companies that make deliveries possible at From classic to modern gearboxes, someone can find nearly all General Motors builds ready for national shipments.

To search what prices are offered, the approximate year must be provided when researching through the in stock finder on this website. The stick price is then displayed and a person can choose to checkout with only a single click.

Used Honda CRX Transmission

Honda used its H4 transmission inside its CRX vehicles in the late 1980s. As one of the very first automatic builds, this transverse gearbox was later used in a series of performance cars. The FF body layout of the CRX paired nicely with the H4 assembly. A person who will buy a replacement used Honda CRX transmission can use this website.

The CRX was deemed the sporty version of the famed Civic at the Honda company. While the 1.5 and 1.6 motors were the most commonly used, Honda did use automatic and manual gearboxes inside of the sport compact vehicles. There were 3 generations of production that included the CRX nameplate. The final year of production was the 1991 year when the Del Sol was introduced.

CRX Automatic Honda Transmissions

The import motors used in Honda motor vehicles are quite popular for tuners and some car restoration companies. One issue that someone can find while doing research on replacement parts is a lack of foreign gearboxes available. Since the H4 platform is no longer actively produced, there is a real shortage for 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 CRX gearboxes.

The EX and SI trim levels did offer a manual assembly for a limited time. The final couple of years for the CRX as a compact vehicle included the 5-speed as an upgrade. The hatchback design was preferred by many early Honda car owners. The standard stick shift and automatic versions that are sold from this website are in good condition and ready for U.S. distribution.

CRX Gearboxes with Warranties

Honda is known for producing excellent vehicles and superior components. While performance is the goal for many models, the lifespan of the OEM installed components is pretty high. To curb issues on the second hand market, the company is supplying a long-term warranty plan with every CRX assembly. This removes the need to seek a third-party service company or mechanic if a problem should be found after installation.

When swapping the CRX gearbox, having a no charge warranty to make someone feel more secure is a good thing. Because OEM components can and do fail, making certain that no future problems will prevent proper operation is smart. The overall benefits of the no charge warranty far outweigh the median amount of mileage on the housing.

Buy Honda CRX Transmissions for Sale

Buying right on this website is just a click away. While sorting through what is available, a person has the opportunity to validate VIN numbers or engine types that are compatible. The price is right and the shipments are delivered at no cost. What this provides to a person who has never shopped at secondary retailer before is a good experience.

To choose the right manual or automatic model, provide the correct year when researching the inventory tool presented here. Prices are then accurately calculated and an option to purchase is given to every car parts buyer on this page.

Used 4L30E Transmission

The GM 4L30E was designed by General Motors as its electronic transmission in the year 1991. A period of only 10 years were involved during the lifespan of the 4-speed 4L30E. A person who is unable to buy parts at a local salvage company can find good condition used 4L30E transmission inventory on this website.

There are 4 gears found in the 4L30E series. This assembly is one of the smallest made by GM that still features electronic solenoid controls. There is one reverse gear in the setup. General Motors licensed its 4-speed technology to many foreign automakers through the late 1990s.

Vehicles Using the 4L30E Gearboxes

A number of non-GM vehicles have used the automatic e-series units. Form BMW to Acura, many luxury vehicle buyers found the 4L30E more reliable than the earlier 3L30. Cadillac is one brand by GM that was powered partly through the 4-speed gearboxes. With its licensing to Isuzu, General Motors provided support the Rodeo and Trooper for a number of years before terminating the 4L30E.

Because of its powerful design, both I4 and V6 motors were found used with the automatic 4-speed 30-E builds. A large percentage of the foreign production took place in France. The common rating is 440 for torque in the RWD and 4WD editions. The limp home mode that is still found in a majority of General Motors automatic transmissions was built into the 4L30E assemblies.

Warranties for Used 4-Speed Automatic

Unlike a manual assembly, most of the GM gearboxes built between 1991 and 2001 included a number of electronics. From TCM to solenoids, there are a lot of problems that can happen during transmission ownership. A way that shoppers of gearboxes on the web find protection is through a warranty plan. The company is one of few that offer a long-term protection policy for all consumers.

Many of the clutch assemblies and other parts from OEM installations are covered. While there is high mileage found on some of the units, a good warranty will help a person to maximize the usage period. All automatic or GM manual transmissions for sale that are found using this website include a warranty. Consumers receive this at no additional charge in the U.S.

4L30E Used Transmission with Torque Converter

All prices for longitudinal gearboxes on this website include a complete torque converter. What this means is that a there is no other purchase required. The TCM will work perfectly with the included converter. The high torque capacity of the 4L30E makes it a great replacement for a number of different sedan and luxury automobiles. Buying one is even simpler on the web.

Choosing the GM year and model of every automatic transmission enabled vehicle here is what brings up the pricing system. From the finder on this page, select how a price is to be delivered. Once this information is provided, a person can even buy using the simple purchase link offered. This saves the hassle of shopping at a mail order resource.

Used Dodge D150 Transmission

The D150 trucks by Dodge all used different transmissions from the 1980s through the early 1990s. There are 3-speed and 4-speed models that a person could search for on the web. When buying any replacement, understanding the motor type and the Chrysler numbering system is essential. A person can buy quality used Dodge D150 transmission inventory at this industry resource.

The TorqueFlite name is what Dodge gave to its various transmission assemblies used in the North American market. The D150 trucks were fitted with no fewer than 4 different gearboxes. What made each assembly unique was the casing and the engine compatibility. Most truck transmissions for the D150 were 2WD.

Pre-1991 D150 Truck Transmissions

Chrysler changed all of its transmission codes in the before 1991. What this meant to dealers and consumers was more confusion about which assembly was available. The “A” designation before a series of 3 numbers is the old naming system. Most newer builds start with a 3 or a 4 to differentiate the production period.

Between 1998 and 1991, D150 trucks used the following transmissions: A904, A727, A500 and A518. These were used most often with the 5.9 and 3.9 motors. This is the same configuration that was later installed in early Ram trucks. The complete transaxle inventory that is promoted on this website provides research for all used D150 truck transmissions for sale.

RWD Dodge Truck Gearboxes with Warranties

Warranty protection for any classic truck is essential for a replacement parts buyer. Components become old and can breakdown easier. Rust is one major factor to the older gearboxes. The springs and clutches can be worn out by years of hard usage. supplies complete 3 and 4-speed parts warranties to every person ordering on this website. What this supplies is a good way to fix up an older truck at a cheap price.

The no charge warranties are essential for any person who buys a second hand gearbox. Paying extra for 90-day coverage is a thing of the past. Most of the warranties for used Dodge transmissions featured here are between a year and 3 years in length. This offers an extended period of protection. About 90% of the OEM parts are protected through these warranties.

Search Cheap D150 Dodge Transmissions

There is a digital tool that locates inventory in all of the company warehouses found on this page. This includes the Ram and D150 truck models. By using the year and the model as search criteria, a person is presented with a direct method comparing any price tag attached to an in stock unit. This is much faster than calling to ask about sale prices.

When someone is ready to checkout, a one-click ordering button is offered. What this does is expedites all ordering into a single movement. There are no other steps to take to order replacement D150 truck transmissions in preowned condition online.

Used 200C Transmission

GM produced its 200C THM transmissions from the late 1970s until 1987. This unit was a derivative of the early turbo-hydramatic units first built in the 1960s. This rear-wheel drive unit is one of the smallest 3-speed gearboxes in existence. A person ready to buy a used 200C transmission can complete a transaction right here at the website.

What is the difference between 200 and 200c transmissions? While each unit is the same design, what the c-series has over the 200 version is a different torque converter. The lockup converter was a new inclusion by GM after the 1976 production year. The designation of the letter c after 200 means that the lockup mechanism is installed. This could help a person confused about which version to buy online.

200C Turbo-Hydramatic Gear Ratios

There is a distinct ratio of gearing that made the TH200C a popular build. The first gear was always geared higher. This is now standard on all late model General Motors gearbox assemblies. The first gear is 2.74, second is 1.57, third is 1.00 and the reverse gear is 2.07. This improves the final gear set with the inclusion of the locked converter.

The 3.0, 5.0, 4.3 and 3.8 GM engines were often paired up with the turbo-hydramatic TH200C. Because these were discontinued in the mid 1980s, they have become some what of a sought after model by car tuners and builders. The ease of pulling one of the THM transmissions is what makes them easy to work on. A person who will be swapping a defective assembly for a used one will find that quality is much better.

THM200C Transmission with a Warranty

Before buying from any second hand source on the Internet, a person should know and understand the terms of the sale. A THM can be hard to find especially one that has low mileage. While there are rebuilt versions, the price is just not as low as one that is sold as second hand. supplies what could be the most complete parts coverage for the 200C gearbox.

Because this coverage comes as a standard option, a person who does not understand what can go wrong with the THM200C does not need to worry. Since mileage will always be different between units, the warranty provides essential OEM parts components coverage. This coverage is guaranteed when the warranty has been activated.

Buy Cheap 200C Turbo-Hydramatic Gearboxes

When a 3-speed assembly is needed, there is no need to travel to a salvage dealer or local junk yard. One of the largest web inventories in the United States is already featured on this industry website. Someone with even basic computer skills will find that locating price and shipping terms is really simple.

Select GM as the manufacturer and the year of the vehicle needing a transmission to review all prices. even pays for the calls to the 1-866 number that is offered nationally 365 days a year if questions need answers.

Used F4AEL Transmission

Ford built its F4EAT for direct installation into its vehicles in the year 1990. Sub-licensing of this four-speed unit was contracted with Kia and Mazda to use the automatic builds in different vehicles. Someone ready to buy a used F4AEL transmission will find quality inventory at low prices when using this gearbox resource.

Ford, like General Motors, started using electronic based transmissions at the start of the 1990s. What this provides is a smooth control over all of the patterns of shifting that are offered to car owners. Because Ford tests all of its technology first, other automakers that license technology usually receive good results.

Second Hand F4AEL Mazda or Kia Builds

Between the production years of 1990 and 2005, there were multiple vehicles that were fitted with the F4AEL gearboxes. The Protege from Mazda was the first recipient of the electronic control technology. The 323 was the second vehicle that received the updated automatic design. The Kia brand popularized use of the transverse transmissions designed by Ford in its 2000 to 2005 vehicles.

The Rio, Sephia and Spectra are some of the models that have used the four-speed automatic as a primary gearbox. One thing to note about the F4AEL is the electronic controlled speedometer. Ford uses solenoids to control most of the opening and closing of clutches and gears found inside of its late model gearboxes. Control of the speedometer was a new element in the early 1990 series gearboxes.

Overdrive Transmissions Built by Ford

There are few if any issues that a person swapping a gearbox will find once a used condition unit is installed. Regular wear patterns appear on gears and other places that should be considered normal. Overheating and oil leaks that are common on some automaker builds are not present in the F4EAT design. A person using this resource to find or compare quality levels of preowned transmissions will be happy when they order.

Part of what is provided to every person who uses this resource is a good supply of inventory. The out of stock notices that are common through some resources are never a problem here. All current inventory is posted that is available for direct shipments across the USA. All Mazda, Ford and Kia vehicles supported with the used gearboxes found here will run much better.

Buy Cheap F4AEL Transmissions Here

Starting with the finder on this page, a person has a lot of information to review. Choosing the year as well as the make of a vehicle will configure the system for calculating a price. The standard retail price for every gearbox is displayed as well as the in stock sale pricing. This means that any person can easily compare prices featured here with other dealers.

If enough information is not supplied using the finder, a toll-free number is available. A gearbox expert fields all calls to provide price, tag id research and other helpful tasks. All shipments in America are free of charge as well as the attached warranty plans.