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Used 5R100W Torqshift Transmission

Ford manufactured its Torqshift 5R100W transmission in the first part of the 2000s. This gearbox was commonly paired up with the diesel powered trucks. The 5-speed assemblies are now more common to find for gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. There is no better place to buy a used 5R100W Torqshift transmission than on this second hand resource. Searches happen here 365 days a year for used inventory.

There are 5 gears not including a reverse mounted gear in the 5R100W. These units were built in Ohio during the 2003 to 2009 years. The popular 6.0-liter engine as well as the 6.4-liter units were normally installed with the late model Torqshift gearboxes. The 1100 torque capacity is how Ford came up with the 5R100W naming scheme.

RWD Automatic 5-Speed Transmission

Ford has mastered the manufacturing of its automatic gearboxes over the past 40 years. More sophisticated technologies are now a big part of what is placed into modern components. The PTO mode found on most truck gearboxes has improved the shifting especially during towing. A different way to cool assemblies is now provided to prevent overheating when towing heavy equipment.

The tow and haul mode featured in the RWD 5R100W gearbox has simplified downshifts and upshifts. The wide ratio gearing found in the 5-speed is what keeps many truck owners happy. The 4-speed builds found in the late 1990s did not have the same torque capacity as the ones built in the mid 2000s. Only Mercon fluid is recommended for each case assembly.

Torqshift Transmissions with Warranties

While there is nothing quite like a reliable OEM component, there is no guarantee that used parts buyers receive through salvage companies. Once a typical 60-day limit passes, a person will usually have to pay out of pocket for a gearbox problem. With the inventory shippable, a clear plan of warranty coverage is provided to every consumer.

Nearly all of the internal components are included in the national coverage plans. An activated warranty will supply a number of years of general protection. While the Torqshift gearboxes are very reliable, there is mileage on the units that are posted for consumer sale here online. The warranty helps to validate long range customer service commitments.

Buy Cheap 5-Speed 5R100W Transmissions

When people work together, a good relationship is born. Not every seller in the auto industry cares about consumers. If a gear ratio fails in a used unit, who is responsible? Aside from the cheaper prices featured here, all sticker prices for Ford inventory includes the cost of freight charges in the USA.

This creates an even better relationship with auto body companies, mechanics and regular people who buy transmission inventory. To begin reviewing the Torqshift inventory, accurately select the model year and make of a Ford Motor Company vehicle. This generates an exact match in the e-commerce system to promote every unit on sale.