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Automatic Transmission Maintenance after Winter.

Is your Automatic Transmission Cold?

We all know by now that automatic transmissions need regular maintenance. As far as I’m concerned if you live in the colder parts of the country where the temperature gets below freezing regularly, the best time to change your automatic transmission fluid (ATF), [...]

Why Did My Transmission Fail?

Automatic Transmission Confusion.

Of the automatic transmissions that fail, over 88% failed due to design flaws. These are failures that were not caused by abuse, misuse, lack of maintenance, or excessive mileage. Hard to imagine. A design flaw is characterized by a repeated failure in a specific area in any one [...]

Prevent the need for a Replacement Transmission with Maintenance.

Here are some suggestions that will help to extend the life and increase the durability of your automatic transmission. These things are especially important for severe duty applications, but are also applicable to almost all vehicles. 1) Check your transmission fluid level regularly- although fairly obvious, many people neglect to do this- or do this wrong. Consult the [...]

Automatic Transmission Maintenanace: Fluid Information…

Automatic transmission fluid may well be the most important part of a modern automatic transmission. It has been said that the transmission fluid is the “life blood” of the transmission. Therefore, it is very important that transmission fluid have the same performance and durability as any other part in the transmission. The pump in the develops [...]

New rules: Role of modern transmission lubricants..

Many leading automotive manufacturers are focusing R&D efforts on transmission developments to exact greater fuel efficiency, while maintaining overall vehicle performance. Achieving this balance of engine and transmission function combination could improve vehicle market appeal as it would slow down the sacrifices, such as handling, acceleration and extra features, consumers may otherwise have to make [...]

Used transmissions need a filter with a flush out..

A Good Question if you have got an automatic transmission: I recently had the transmission in my Chevy Impala (51,000 miles) power flushed at a local Goodyear dealer. The technician told me it was not necessary to also replace the filter since the equipment they used (Wynn’s) would also clean the existing filter. I [...]

Used Transmissons, Transmission maintenance: When NOT to flush or service..

Before draining or flushing you should pull the dip stick and look at the fluid with a white paper towel. If it is dark, burnt smelling, and you see little flakes or [...]

Transmission maintenance: Fluid, filter and pan gasket

Now the last important question that remains is what type of fluid to put back in, meaning what fluid will be more helpful in preventing the need to purchase a transmission for sale, conventional or [...]

Transmission maintenance flushing machines

Now lets talk about the type of flush machine I like. This kind prevents transmission failure or having to locate a used transmission prematurely. It attaches to the pump intake after [...]

Automatic Transmission Flushing Maintenance..

There are several subjects that tend to be a never-ending source of confusion to customers of replacement transmissions. One that constantly comes up is changing or flushing the transmission fluid in [...]