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BMW 750i Transmissions For Sale

No matter what year Series 7 BMW you own, a 750i for instance, is considered the leading supplier of rebuilt BMW 750i transmissions, and, all Series-7 BMW transmissions in the industry. Regardless of your current transmission knowledge, we set our goals on educating our customers first, so our customers buy one of our BMW 750i transmissions for sale thus solving your problem in the best manner.

BMW uses both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, even using a automatic/manual transmission in the newer sportier versions. My experience in the transmission field reminds me that Getrag, the German giant manual transmission manufacturer makes BMW manual transmissions. Considered the best in the world or BMW would not use them.

ZF Corporation manufactures BMW automatic transmissions. Another German Transmissions Company that makes transmissions for luxury class cars and heavy duty trucks. Another company considered the best at what it does.

It all makes sense to me that BMW choose two of the best transmissions manufacturers in the world to supply the needed transmissions. Why would you cut corners in a car like this?

For most practical purposes, the two most popular transmission replacement options are;
1. Remanufactured transmissions: Rebuilt to factory specifications with factory or better parts. Calibrated to operate perfectly in your exact car. The most solid and reliable value, very cost effective.

2. Low Mileage Used Transmissions. For the discriminating buyer who insists on only the absolute finest for their BMW. For many BMW 750i owners, we can supply a low mileage used transmission that has been pre-run in the donor car to make sure it performs perfectly and does not leak oil. A best value.

Before you make the call to, the last thing to mention is that this is a rear wheel drive car. It uses a F/R setup [front/rear], also called a longitudinal setup by professionals. In simple terms, it has the engine up front, with the transmission hooked to it, and a drive-shat to connect the transmission to the rear differential.

Take my suggestion and call the specialists at They employ highly trained salespeople who understand what you need and can help advise you. Don’t settle for less than top quality transmissions or salespeople who don’t know what they are talking about. Call now for the truth.

BMW L7/E23 Transmissions for Sale

BMW produced the 7 Series or model E23 from 1977 to 1986. BMW offered a selection of 2 automatic transmissions, and 2 manual shift transmissions [except for the 745i]. When you call about BMW L7/E23 transmissions for sale, ask about our rebuilt transmission’s first.

Four-speed and five-speed manual gearboxes were available (depending on the year) and an automatic transmission was also available. Automatic transmissions are made by ZF Corporation. Using the 4HP22, ZF automatic transmission. These transmissions had a few common problems as they age. When the transmission control unit [TCU] detects a fault [in the transmission] it puts the transmission into the “limp mode”.

This holds the transmission in 3rd gear for any forward operation [reverse still works as well], unless that is causing the problem. When this happens, the point is to notice something is wrong and have it fixed ASAP.

It is important to mention that this is a front engine/rear wheel drive layout..F/R. Sometimes referred to as a longitudinal setup. Essentially it resembles an ordinary rear wheel drive setup using a driveshaft. Although nothing is ”ordinary” about a BMW.

Getrag Corporation makes BMW manual transmissions. The Getrag model 260 is the most popular unit. It is a 5 forward speed manual gearbox with reverse. [code; RPO M35]. Used in these applications too;
◦ 1984-1991 BMW E30
◦ 1988-1995 BMW E34
◦ 1996-2004 Holden Commodore(VS, VT, VX, VY)
◦ 2002-2005 Cadillac CTS

In order to buy a replacement transmission built to match the quality and detail of a BMW model L7/E23, buying a properly rebuilt transmission is a must. Why would you settle for less with such a well crafted vehicle?

BMW owners demand the type of quality in major component replacement issues that they wanted when said car was purchased. That is why so many professionals and home mechanics call

Call one of our specialists now and get your free quote on a replacement transmission that suits your best interests. Our transmissions are quite cost effective given the pure value built into every unit. We sell peace of mind with every transmission, call now and find out how affordable the best replacement transmissions are.

BMW M6 Transmissions for Sale

Looking to buy a BMW M6 transmission? Feel free to browse our database of BMW information. If you need a replacement transmission for your M6, than allow to present our case. We are the leading supplier of BMW transmissions for sale.

The M6 [M designation] is a high performance luxury car. It is considered the high performance line of the M-Series cars. The first series of M6 cars came equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission, made by Getrag Company of Germany. Getrag is one of the premium manual transmission manufacturers in the world. Making manual transmissions for many other brands of cars.

Making transmissions for BMW is a statement in itself for durable, trouble free performance. There is no evidence that BMW offered an automatic transmission for said car.

The newer models M6, also called the E63/64, came with either a 6 speed manual transmission or a 7 speed single clutch semi automatic transmission..sequential manual gearbox [SMG]. A semi automatic transmission is in essence an automatic transmission with manual shifting features. The controls are usually ”paddle shifters” derived from racing cars. Where the controls are in a convenient spot on the steering wheel.

SMG transmissions are highly computerized units with multiple input and output sensors placed in critical areas of the car for instant input the second you push the gas pedal. Not available in less expensive cars.

The SMG’s Drivelogic [trade-name] technology offers six sequential manual shift programs and five automated programs. Choose “S” for sequential, and “D” for drive (automatic mode). Using the gear selector or the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel, settings S1 through S6 range from soft and slow (S1) to hard and fast (S6). has sales technicians who are BMW transmission specialists. Call now and find out which replacement transmission choice suits you the best. Our transmissions are designed for world class cars such as this. Why make any sacrifices in quality when you can have the quality demanded by Bimmer owners for an affordable price?

You don’t have too. Every transmission we sell has pure value built into it. Call now and find out which transmission replacement is in your best interests. We provide the peace of mind BMW owners are looking for. Call now for a free estimate.

BMW 550i GT Transmissions for Sale

It is hard for me to believe that there are people who own BMW 550i GT Models who need replacement transmissions. I say this since the 550iGT was introduced in 2009. While this may be an unusual circumstance, it exists in small quantities. When we, [] encounter someone who drives for a living and racks up unreal mileage, there is good news, we may be one of the only transmission supply companies with BMW 550i GT Transmissions for Sale.

Other occurrences can lead to an early, or premature transmission failure. Such as a transmission leak. Transmission leaks are not necessarily sensitive to the age of a car. So, make sure you look under your BMW, or any type of car [for that matter] you drive on occasion to see if it has left it’s mark, so to speak, in transmission fluid. It’s also advisable to have the transmission fluid checked by a qualified professional every month, or if you think something is not working properly.

Having said that maintenance is important is one thing. Now lets speak about the 8 speed automatic overdrive transmission used in said car. It’s only fair to mention all automatic transmissions use a torque converter [instead of a clutch as in a manual transmission] with a lock up clutch in it, thus giving the effect of 9 forward speeds. It blows my mind and I have been a transmission man for over 30 years.

Using the ZF 8HP eight speed transmission designed by ZF Corporation in Germany, it is for rear wheel drive cars only. Often called a F/R layout, or longitudinal mounting system. Essentially it is a front engine, rear wheel drive vehicle, using a driveshaft to connect the transmission to the rear differential. Although there is nothing ordinary about a BMW setup.

For those who have a need for a replacement transmission, is the leader in supplying low mileage used transmissions [all of which have been tested in the donor vehicle before removal and shipment], and rebuilt BMW transmissions to professional transmission shops and independent BMW owners.

My suggestion is to call and speak with someone who has been trained in the art of BMW transmissions. Allow us to provide enough education so you can make great decision. Educated consumers [and BMW owners tend to be well educated] make better decisions.

Call now and get a free estimate and find out if your transmission ships for free. We build peace of mind into every transmission we sell.

BMW M5 Transmissions for Sale: E28, E34, E39, E60

Want to know a tiny piece of trivia most car buffs don’t know? The BMW M5 series, manufactured from 1989 to present times never offered an automatic transmission in the lineup? Wild, eh? Having been in the transmission rebuilding business for 30 plus years, I might be the only person alive to know that piece of trivia. has BMW M5 transmissions for sale. Ready to ship ASAP. Nothing trivial about that.

Here we go:

All BMW model E28 [1985-1989] came equipped with a 5 speed standard transmission.

All BMW E34 models [1989-1995] came with a 5 speed or a six speed manual transmission.

All BMW E39 [1998-2005] M5s were equipped with a Getrag Type D six-speed manual transmission

All BWM model E60 [2005-current] are equipped with a 7 speed SMG [sequential manual gearbox], or a conventional 6 speed manual transmission.

The E60 models use several features inspired by F1 racing. Particularly the transmission controls. One such feature is called Launch control, The other feature is Dynamic stability control, giving the driver the option of changing to either automated or manual shifting [there are 11 shift programs are formatted for Drivelogic shifting commands].

FYI: F1 racing is a form of Indy car racing. Most people are familiar with the Indianapolis 500 car race. That is the type of car BMW derived the current Drivelogic transmission control system from.

It is clear that the M5 cars were designed to be comfortable, roomy and extraordinarily fast. Matching the correct transmission to each car is a result of factoring in a combination of engine power, car weight, rear axle ratio and tire size. The engineers at BMW decided to equip these cars with manual shift transmissions designed to shift smooth, take a beating and last a long time.

If you are here looking for information, feel free to examine our whole website. If you are looking for a replacement transmission, embraces the same paradigms that BMW does, at least when it comes to quality.

For the finest in transmission replacement options, call a company that understands exactly what you need as a BMW driver. Every manual transmission we sell has pure value rebuilt right into it. Our warranty is designed to create peace of mind. For information regarding all options available at, call now. And remember, some transmissions ship for free.

BMW 135i Transmissions for Sale

The BMW 135i {model E81] is part of the Series 1 BMW autos. On the market from 2004 and still in production, there are two generations already. Not surprisingly the BMW 135i offers several performance oriented transmissions. All forms of The BMW 135i Transmissions for Sale are in stock at

Called the E81 series, BMW makes the E87, E82, and E88 models also. Code names to be exact. Offering a five and six speed manual transmission and a six speed automatic overdrive transmissions with a lock up torque converter for added economy.

A strong hint of performance is evident from the time you put it in gear.. Assuming you are here for educational purposes or to buy a BMW 135i transmission, we hope to service you all the way through the sale.

Called the model E81 series, BMW makes models E87, E82, and E88 models also. Code names to be exact. Offering six different engines also, two are diesel engines and two have turbochargers. A strong hint of performance is evident from the time you start it up.

BMW 135i cars are FR layout, or front engine rear wheel drive. Also called a longitudinal setup, where the engine and transmission run with the axis of the car. Not any old ordinary rear wheel drive setup, it uses a full independent rear suspension.

ZF manufactures BMW automatic transmissions. ZF is the maker of many automobile transmissions for a variety of manufacturers. Obviously precision built products with superior parts. The standard transmissions BMW uses are made by German giant, Getrag. Also a transmission company that makes transmissions for many brands of cars.

I don’t advise people, I can’t really, my job is to write about said transmissions. However, our remanufactured lineup of scrupulously remanufactured transmissions is the most popular, between our used transmissions and remanufactured units.

I’m convinced remanufactured transmissions are so popular because BMW owners recognize the importance of such a decision. Because of that they choose and our Remanufactured transmissions.

Call and get a free education and quote on the transmission that serves you best interests and budget. Call and find out what real world class customer service is like.

BMW 745LI Transmissions for Sale

Looking for information on BMW 745LI Transmissions for Sale? For example, the 2005 745li came with a six-speed StepTronic overdrive transmission with a lock up torque converter. According to BMW, the StepTronic transmission is an automatic transmission designed to allow the driver to shift the transmission manually. The function is as easy as moving the gear selector lever sideways to enable StepTronic mode and then forward or backwards to up-shift or downshift through the gears.

The 6HP26Z transmission was used in BMW models e65, e66, e63, e60, 645i, 745i. It was the first six speed automatic transmission in a standard production car. The ZF 6HP26 uses a Lepelletier epicyclic/planetary gearset, which can provide more gear ratios with fewer components.

Note: Epicyclic gearing, AKA planetary gearing is a gear system used in most automatic transmissions, consisting of one or more outer [ring] gears, revolving about an internal central gear, or sun gear.

This means the ZF 6HP26 has the ability to command torque converter lock-up on all six forward gears, and release them completely when at a standstill, allowing closer fuel efficiency between automatic and manual transmissions.

It is important to note that the 745 is a rear wheel drive car. Also called a FR layout; front engine/rear wheel drive. Because BMW makes the car, it is anything but a conventional rear wheel drive setup. The original 745LI used a three or 4 speed automatic transmission, or a 4 speed or 5 speed manual transmission.

Time marches on and so does the integrity and engineering at Beemer. BMW makes a superior car. Assuming you are reading this because you are collecting information on transmissions or you had a transmission failure, we appreciate your presence.

My best suggestion is to call and get the information you need to make a great choice. Don’t let someone arbitrarily talk you into a lesser product. Our credentials speak for themselves. Allow us to provide enough education so you know you made an excellent decision. Call now, our pricing is low every day. No gimmicks.

BMW 650i Transmissions for Sale

Several transmission options were available for the BMW 650i, the Steptronic automatic 5 and 6 seed manual/automatic transmission. also known as the SMG transmission. For the high-performance version series 6 cars coded M6, a 7-speed SMG III single-clutch semi-automatic transmission was initially the only transmission but it later became optional a year afterward when a 6-speed manual unit was made available. Make choosing the correct BMW 650i Transmissions for Sale an easy and painless task, call

The 7 speed SMG Drivelogic system adapts the drivers habits to the transmissions control computer, allowing instant shifts, literally within mili-seconds. The new transmission is designed for even faster shifts, which result in faster, uninterrupted, smooth, acceleration than the 6 speed manual.

The transmission comes with several program choices, 11 to be exact. Five shift programs in fully automatic mode, six in manual mode which are used with the Launch Control program which provides maximum use of the horsepower from the 4.0 liter V8 w/ 420 hp.

Many of BMW transmission designs emanated from the race track. Tested relentlessly on the race circuit to prove it’s reliability and durability. The same technology is in every BMW that comes off the assembly line.

BMW transmissions fitting older models 650i are remarkably up to date [ahead] for the times. Our best selling transmissions come from our rebuilt transmission lineup. Manual shift or automatic shift, every rebuilt transmission is worked on by a trained professional. Only new factory original parts or better will work for us. If any qualified updates are available, that’s part of the deal. We also include a rebuilt torque converter with the price.

There is no finer way to get your BMW back on the road if you have a transmission failure. Why compromise the integrity of such an excellent engineered car? Buy transmissions befitting of a world class car such as your BMW 650i, or any BMW for that matter. Let us provide some education for you. An educated consumer makes the best decisions. Call GotTransmissions now for a free quote.

BMW 635CSI Transmissions For Sale

If your BMW 635CSI is sitting in the driveway waiting on a replacement transmission, tax checks will be here soon. Assuming you are here to find a replacement transmission for your BMW 635CSI or taking in information concerning BMW transmissions, we hope to meet your needs. We’ve got BMW 635CSI Transmissions For Sale at affordable-discounted pricing.

BMW as we know builds hi end cars. Although many of their cars are expensive, they offer some cost effective models as well. One thing that is hard to argue is that BMW makes a superior transmission. Which is suitable for a superior car.

Let me set the record straight, BMW uses automatic transmissions made by ZF Corporation. ZF is well known for manufacturing world class transmissions for many brands of cars. Simply put, ZF manufactures automatic transmissions befitting of a BWM.

The list of manual or standard transmissions is considerable. Getrag, a German company manufactured BMW 635CSI manual transmissions. Getrag is a tremendous transmission manufacturer. Making manual transmissions for other auto brands too.

Considering the precision and detail payed to every part inside a BMW transmission, it becomes imperative to buy a replacement transmission from a supplier with credentials. Our transmissions are built with pure value inside. Using at least, if not better than, factory grade parts. Whenever an update has been approved, we include that in our rebuild. No compromising on any parts or labor is tolerated.

We offer some of the finest used transmissions as well. Pre tested in the donor car first, every used transmission comes with a solid warranty to prove it is a good value. A good used transmission is a great value, especially if you are on a budget.

Start your plans now. Learn how to choose the transmission that suits your best interests now. Be ready to buy your replacement transmission from when your tax check arrives. Speak with a trained representative and make your plans now. Experience our world class customer service.

As a veteran of the transmission industry for 30 plus years, builds peace of mind into every rebuilt transmission we sell. A transmission any BMW owner would be proud to have. Performance and reliability only a Beemer owner understands.

BMW 840ci Transmissions for Sale

One of the finest cars BMW made was their Series 8 lineup. Today we speak on the 840ci and BMW 840ci Transmissions for Sale, offered by The Series 8 was made from 1989 to 1999. Using a typical FR [front engine-rear wheel drive] layout, this car has a chassis code E31, which is nice to know if you are looking for a transmission.

The 840ci was available with a 5-speed automatic transmission, although European models were outfitted with a 6-speed manual transmission. The 840ci [V8] U.S. models were equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The transmission used is made by ZF Corporation. A brief description of operation;
A Computer-Controlled Continuously Variable Lockup Torque Converter is standard.
The Computer-Controlled TCM [transmission control module] sends signals from various input and output sensors to the Engine Management System which in turn powers the Long Ratio transmission, which uses a driver-Selectable sporty shifter.

Having rebuilt plenty of BMW 840ci transmissions during my 30 plus year career as a transmission shop owner/rebuilder, suffice it to say not any rebuilder has the competence to deal with such a sensitive and precision transmission.

My assumption is that you are reading this for, information, or you need a replacement transmission for a 840ci. Our best sellers are the rebuilt transmission lineup. I can tell you that BMW owners are selective about the products they use or buy. It is not an ordinary car.

Knowing this, the amount of detail and precision engineered into each component requires; A. the best rebuild parts available. We buy our rebuild kits and automatic transmission fluid from the dealer. BMW engineered the car, and I don’t see any reason to arbitrarily modify it. B. Intelligent, competent transmission rebuilders.

Lets put it this way. For the same price, would you choose a surgeon with poor credentials, or a surgeon with top credentials?

Well, not every transmission is rebuilt the same way. Some companies actually use low grade cheap parts with the hope of just making it out of warranty, for the same price we charge for a properly rebuilt transmission with a rebuilt torque converter.

My hope for those who need a replacement transmission for their BMW 840ci is to call and enjoy the peace of mind built into our transmissions. You will feel the pure value the first time it shifts. Call now and speak with a qualified, trained transmission professional.