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Great Deals On Foreign Transmissions

So you are looking for foreign, as in Honda transmissions for sale. Good for you, you came to the right place. First and foremost, we strive to provide the fast service you need, so you can install your foreign transmissions asap, and get back on the road. People want fast nowadays. It seems like fast [...]

2002 Ford Explorer Transmissions: Worst Transmission award..

The Ford Explorer, from the time Ford introduced it in 1990 through the most current models has used a variation of the A4LD Ford Transmissions exclusively. Throughout the explorers existence the A4LD used from 1991 to 1994 which evolved into a 4R55e in 1995 was used from 1995–2001 and 1995-2003 in the Sport, finally 2001-2005 [...]

Evolution of Foreign automatic transmissions technology.

Motorization started in Japan in the 1950s. Although automobile manufacturers were independently promoting research in automatic transmissions, their technological skills were not sufficiently advanced and they were compelled to rely on overseas manufacturers by purchasing finished products or introducing technological expertise. Automakers moved ahead with the full-scale development of automatic transmissions with the establishment of [...]

Foreign car makers made out on Cash for Clunkers..

Government calls Cash for clunkers a success. What I see is a glut of good used foreign cars and used foreign transmissions, including other valuable components flooding the market either from the recycle yard or people simply selling the car in 5 to 7 years. Every morning, like clockwork my dogs and I take a 45 [...]