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Automotive Transmissions Old and New.

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Getting power from the engine to the drive wheels of an automobile has provided an endless challenge for rear-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, 4-wheel-drive, AWD, front-engine, rear-engine, and mid-engine cars, longitudinal, transverse, vertical, slant, and flat engines, plus an amazing array of hardware in between. George Selden’s notorious 1877 patent [...]

Smart Cars Automated Manual Transmissions.

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The automated manual transmission is commanded by a transmission control unit, which is located in the passenger compartment under the driver seat. General The transmission control converts the driver’s shift requests into corresponding control signals to the clutch and the 5-speed automated manual transmission. This is done [...]

Transmissions Articles: What is Regenerative Braking?

Regenerative braking is part of the complicated hybrid car transmission, engine and battery charging system which works together, in unison with every part of the drive-train. Understanding how regenerative braking works may require a brief look at the system it replaces. Conventional braking systems use friction to counteract the forward momentum of a moving car. [...]

“Ask a Mechanic” about your Transmission.

More and more people are forced to save money due to economic problems, I have noticed that there are a greater number of people who want to do some of their automotive repairs at home. The most popular DIY procedure driveway mechanics perform is to change the transmissions fluid and filter. Some enterprising and fearless [...]

Transmission Article: My transmission is mixed with anti freeze/coolant?

Common Question: i know i have to replace my radiator but what i want to know is my transmission okay my van seemed to slip into neutral than kicked into gear and when i stopped i checked an the coolant was full of trans fluid ans the trans fluid was foamy too if i have [...]

TPS Transmission Code: Get your Transmission Fixed Now

The TPS (throttle position sensor) is a switch that attaches to the outside of the fuel injection body on the engine. It became more complicated and important when computerized transmissions were introduced to the automotive world. In a certain sense, it is attached to your foot by way of the throttle cable or newer cable-less [...]

Transmission Codes have to be diagnosed soon..

Question: i have an 04 maxima that is shifting hard, especially when the car is driven for a little bit there is a bump every time the gear shift, there is a couple of check engine codes all relating to a bad tps (P1122, P0223, P0123) and somone told me that bad TPS will cause [...]

The Right Replacement Transmission increases fuel mileage..

For many of us driving older cars, referred to as ‘clunkers’, is how we get around. The fact that a lot of these cars are US government property now (C4C), thus depriving the folks who can afford a new car or get credit for new car is a step in the wrong direction for them. [...]

Transmissions: Electrical diagnostic basics…

For the DIYer (do it yourselfer), who has the ability and tools to go through a basic transmission diagnostic procedure, starting at level 1. Using a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the best, we always start with test procedure 1. With this in mind. Remember one thing about [...]

Transmission Diagnosis: Understand OHMs Law first…

Understanding OHMs law in relation to transmissions and diagnosis basics is essential. Lets go over OHMs law first, this explanation and chart should make it understandable. 1. Ohms law consists of three factors which are A. voltage, B. resistance, and C. current. Resistance is measured in ohms and current is measured in amperage or amps. Ohms law [...]