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TPS Transmission Code: Get your Transmission Fixed Now

The TPS (throttle position sensor) is a switch that attaches to the outside of the fuel injection body on the engine. It became more complicated and important when computerized transmissions were introduced to the automotive world. In a certain sense, it is attached to your foot by way of the throttle cable or newer cable-less systems on the more modern cars. When ever you move the accelerator, the TPS move

The TPS is one of the main communication devices or inputs to the transmission. Since it is essentially attached to your foot, when you press the gas pedal hard, it tells the transmission to shift later and a bit more firm. If you put the pedal to the metal, it tells the transmission to downshift, it is a very smart device.

A TPS gets quite a bit of activity, as you can imagine. They cause some unusual transmission problems, to say the least. In most cases it will turn the Check Engine Light on. If it does not turn on, and your transmission starts to act weird, take it to a qualified transmission shop and have your car diagnosed. A TPS beats a rebuilt transmission.

I don’t want get into, nor do I think it is relevant to the subject, but the TPS has many more duties to perform than giving your transmission orders. The bottom line is the TPS does wear out and causes unusual problems with the engine and transmission. Don’t take a chance, if your engine lite comes on and your car starts to run poorly, it’s time to have a professional mechanic take a look.

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