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Rebuilt Transmissions Clutch Plate Guide..

Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilt Transmissions

Raybestos OE clutches are the original equipment clutches that are used in factory-installed new transmissions. They exceed all manufacturer’s specifications for each application. Raybestos tan clutches are manufactured from specially impregnated paper and are the best on the market to handle most normal passenger car and light truck conditions. However, different applications require different papers and resin content, so Raybestos makes its own paper and custom blends the resins to assure that every clutch is the right one for the job.

My favorite Raybestos replacement clutch plates are the Raybestos OE clutches which are the original equipment clutches that are used in factory-installed transmissions. They exceed all manufacturer’s specifications for each application. Raybestos tan clutches are manufactured from specially impregnated paper and are the best on the market to handle most normal passenger car and light truck conditions.

However, different applications require different papers and resin content so Raybestos makes its own paper and custom blends the resins to assure that every clutch is the right one for the job. The tan clutch plate combines superior materials and advanced production methods to improve performance and durability. The technology produces an OE friction material that can “inhale and exhale” oil quickly to maximize cooling and reduce the potential for glazing. This plate is manufactured unground to reduce debris. When compared to other tan friction plates, the Tan plate provides: Superior resiliency Superior shift feel Smoother engagement characteristics Improved clutch life, Reduced break-in wear and contamination.

The tan plates are called Hi-Energy clutch plates by folks in the transmission industry. Using the best clutch or friction plates is one of the things that separates the best transmissions from poorly transmissions. only sells transmissions that have the best clutch plates, we also make good use of the best upgrade kits available. Our recipe has produced a consistently better product than our competitors. Call us @ 866-320-1182 for more important facts on why our transmissions keep our customers sending their friends to us.

Rebuilt Transmissions Last Longer with Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilt Transmissions

Modern car and truck transmissions use Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF), it is engineered to outperform conventional automatic transmission fluids and exceed the performance requirements of most North American, European and Asian vehicles. Note: Check your owners manual to make sure you don’t need a brand specific fluid, such as Honda cars….This sophisticated formulation provides outstanding performance and protection in the severe operating conditions of today’s most advanced transmission designs.

Automatic transmissions have become increasingly complex as vehicle manufacturers strive to improve efficiency while satisfying consumer demands. Smaller, smoother-shifting transmissions with longer fluid-life capabilities and heavier load capacities are now standard in modern transmission design. Traditional ATFs, however, are unable to meet these extreme requirements, and new fluids have emerged with each new advancement in transmission engineering. Oil companies finally  introduced a synthetic automatic transmission fluid in 1980 and it remains the leader in transmission fluid quality.

Synthetic Universal ATF is formulated with the highest-quality synthetic fluids and additives. It exceeds the most stringent industry standards and is universally recommended for a wide range of transmissions. Synthetic Universal ATF reduces confusion, misapplications and inventories. It eliminates the need for costly and suspect “one-treatment-covers-all”

Exceptional Hot- and Cold- Temperature Performance
Thermal Stability – Hot temperatures are no excuse for poor reliability. Naturally heat resistant and heavily fortified with anti-oxidants, synthetic  ATF exceeds the most demanding oxidation requirements. synthetic ATF delivers outstanding protection against sludge and varnish deposits that clog narrow oil passages and contribute to clutch glazing. Transmissions can operate hotter and longer with synthetic ATF than with conventional fluids.

Cold-Temperature Fluidity – Cold, thick automatic transmission fluid lengthens shift times and reduces energy efficiency (fuel economy). Synthetic ATF is wax-free and delivers extraordinary cold-flow properties (< -60°F pour point). Shifting is more responsive, energy efficiency is improved and warm-up times are reduced.

It is easy to see why using synthetic ATF is critical to modern cars in particular, since all cars come with synthetic ATF as a factory fill nowadays. All rebuilt should transmissions use synthetic ATF (or you should not buy it) because new transmission components like clutch plates and bands are engineered to use synthetic  ATF. Don’t forget that some brands of cars use brand specific fluid, simply put, you have to buy the fluid for that car from the dealer, see your owners manual…… @ 866-320-1182.

What are Geely Cars and DSI Transmissions

GEELY Transmissions

GEELY Transmissions

Geely Automobile is a Chinese automaker and is the first independent and largest private automobile manufacturer in the People’s Republic of China.

Founded in 1986, it has achieved brilliant accomplishments with automobiles, motorcycles, motor engines, gearboxes, transmissions, and parts. Since Geely stepped into the automotive industry in 1987, it has grown to be a major brand in China’s economic sedan cars due to its flexible operation mechanisms and continuous conceptual innovation.

Geely will use DSI transmissions. DSI is the abbreviation of Drivetrain Systems International. DSI automatic transmission is a set R & D company, manufacturing and sales of automatic transmissions to major companies, is the world’s only two independent enterprise outside the vehicle automatic transmission companies.

With an annual output of 180,000 units of the production capacity of automatic transmissions, the company has 80 years of history, has accumulated abundant technology and industry experience. Automatic transmission parts and components world-renowned company BorgWarner once wholly owned by the company for 30 years.

DSI company has a number of world-class excellent engineers, its products cover four-speed and six-speed transmissions before and after the drive, and all-drive high torque automatic transmission for Ford, Chrysler and Ssangyong Motor Co. and other world-renowned manufacturers, is currently being development of the world’s advanced level before and after the eight-speed automatic transmission drives, DCT dual-clutch transmission and CVT Continuously Variable Transmission.

Although Geely is a Chinese car, it is important to spotlight cars we don’t see in the USA. Soon we may have access to these cars. We call cars such as this ‘Global’, since they will be available to everyone in America in the future. As emission laws become similar in all countries, if not the same globally, expect to see more cars you are not familiar with to come to American shores. @ 866-320-1182.

Transaxles-Front Wheel Drive and CVT Transmissions for Sale.

The “new kid” of automatic transmissions is called the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and though the technology actually dates back over 60 decades, these transmissions now appear on their way to entering the mainstream.

Transaxles-Front Wheel Drive and CVT Transmissions

Transaxles-Front Wheel Drive and CVT Transmissions

Continuously Variable Transmissions are said to offer the efficiency and economy of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic, supposedly promising the best of both worlds.

(CVT’s) offer a lighter and more compact design than conventional automatic transmissions, they’re also as fast as a manual in acceleration while being smoother and more economical than an automatic.

While that may sound almost like a “cake and eat it” proposition, CVT’s will not solve all automatic transmissions oddities. One of the reasons they haven’t fully caught on – yet – is that their practicality has until recently been limited mostly to smaller cars with transverse-mounted engines and front wheel drive transmission setups.

Subaru Transmissions pioneered the modern production CVT with an ECVT (electronic CVT) on the 1989-93 Subaru Justy but, according to Subaru, they stopped selling ECVT because the Justy was an on-demand 4WD and they wanted to concentrate on full time all wheel drive vehicles. Reliability issues and high maintenance costs for the old ECVT, were a problem at the time, not as much with the new technology being reinvested.

While CVT’s are currently featured on some small economy cars such as the gas/electric hybrid Honda Civic and Toyota Prius, the transmission is also beginning to appear on more mainstream vehicles such as Audi’s mid-size higher end performance A4 and A6 models. And more are coming.

Unlike  the “conventional” transmissions’ fixed set of gears, torque converters, and/or other components, a CVT uses a relatively simple belt and pulley design. The belts can slide up and down from narrow to wide end of the cone-shaped pulley which allows for supposedly infinite “continuously variable” ratios.

The more gear ratios offered, the more the vehicle’s engine can operate at its ideal RPM range (revolutions per minute) and load – so when you hit the gas to peel out from a red light, the engine will stay closer to its horsepower peak for maximum power. However, with conventional transmissions only offering up to six distinct gear ratios, you’re constantly passing through that peak point and have to up-shift to recapture it.

With a CVT, the “gear ratios” can be varied instead of the engine RPM’s. This means that, for example, an engine with peak horsepower and torque at 4000 RPM can be kept at that level much more easily than a conventional transmission that must be shifted – manually or automatically – to keep the engine in the “power band.”

As the technology improves and as the CVTransmission continues to make it’s way into the main market of car transmissions, I expect to see more cars with this transmission technology. You can count on to stay on top of the latest happenings in transmission news. For all of your transmission replacement needs, Call us @ 1-877-268-0884.

Used Transmissions Sales: Free Quotes, Affordable Prices.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to car and truck transmissions that can’t be predicted without a crystal ball. Lets say all of a sudden the automatic transmission in your car starts to slip a lot and you dropped it off at the local automotive transmission repair shop. You fill out the invoice, filling in the “you want an estimate” part. He calls later and says you have an internal problem and we need to remove the transmission to make an estimate.

This is a good time to start to talk about money and the cause of problem. It is a good idea to know how much money may be involved and why the problem occured. The problem may have happened because you ignored some important maintenance procedure like having the fluid and filter changed at the proper intervals using the proper automatic transmission fluid.

Perhaps it was something out of your control, like the ‘front pump‘ is broken. It is important to know how much money you might spend, and what options are available to you. Now is the time to have the shop give you an estimate for repairs to your transmission, so now the shop starts the diagnosis mode.

If the estimate is really high, like over a 1000.00 dollars, and the vehicle has over 125,000 miles on it, you might want to make a good argument for one of our updated transmissions, or perhaps one of our low mileage used transmissions. Especially if you get an estimate for 1500.00 or more dollars. Instead of putting the money in your old high wear transmission, which still has high a risk factor for other worn out hi mileage parts to fail, think about a replacement transmission.

Part of our job at is to provide as much quality content for automotive education as necessary to anyone who calls us or emails us with a transmission problem or needs a transmission quote, in terms you will understand. We want our customers to make a decision that is in their best interests. In many cases the most important thing to consider is a customers needs and expectations for their car. With that in the mind, the most important thing people want is a good value and a long term reliable solution at an affordable price.

This is where we come in. is your most reliable and affordable transmission supply company. We have been outperforming our competitors by selling the best used transmissions and transmissions available. We do this by pre testing our transmissions and certifying them to be in perfect operating condition before they are crated and ready to ship ASAP. To speak with an experienced transmission sales person, Call us @ 866-320-1182.

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Chevy 4L80E Transmission Upgrade..

This upgrade kit is for a common problem described in this article, for the Chevy 4L80E transmissions. It is designed to eliminate the cold start hesitation due to the transmission fluid draining back out of the torque converter after extended periods of non use. Below is a description of the problem in detail.

Automatic transmission systems of the this design have a hydraulic system which includes at least a hydraulic pump, a valve body having fluid conducting passages or circuits, input and exhaust ports formed within the fluid circuits, and a system of spool valves so-called because of their resemblance to sewing thread type spools. Such valves are comprised of cylindrical pistons having control diameters or spools formed thereon, which alternately open and close the ports to regulate the flow and pressure of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) within the fluid circuits to actuate various components of the transmission.

Pumps in automatic transmission systems are generally positive displacement pumps driven by the engine of the vehicle wherein the transmission is installed. A positive displacement pump is one, which has the same output per revolution regardless of pump or pressure already developed in the system. Thus, it is necessary to regulate ATF pressure so it does not get too high and damage other components. In the GM transmissions a pressure regulator valve employs a piston and a spring that compresses at a specific pressure to allow some ATF to flow back to the pump reservoir or sump bypassing the hydraulic circuit and reducing pressure. By using a pressure regulator valve with a compression spring calibrated to a pressure lower than the pumps output, a constant ATF pressure can be maintained in the hydraulic system during operation.

When the engine of the vehicle is turned off, ATF contained within the torque converter during operation gradually drains back to the fluid sump. At initial engine start-up this can result in an insufficient fluid level in the torque converter to operate the vehicle. In addition, the original equipment manufacture (OEM) pressure regulator valve in the GM transmissions does not send sufficient line pressure from the pump output circuit into the torque converter charge circuit inthe Park gear range or at idle speed to refill the torque converter to permit instant operation of the vehicle at engine start-up.

The cure is to produce a valve assembly that is machined out of better materials and seals better, thus eliminating the over night drain-back of ATF from the torque converter to the transmissions. This new designed valve successfully eliminates this problem. Several of the aftermarket suppliers offer an upgrade kit too. All produce positive results. Don’t buy a 4L80E transmission without the upgrades. @ 866-320-1182.

But Transmissions For Honda Cars for Less.

We all know that Honda cars are perhaps the best made and most popular of the small cars, which fall in the high side of affordability in that price range of cars. From the beginning, Honda produced a different type of automatic transmission. When they developed their transmissions, it was decided to deviate from the norm and produce a product that would work better and last longer than their competitors. Chances are you are here to buy transmissions, read on and educate yourself on Honda transmissions.

The only other car to share a very similar setup in transmission design is the Saturn. Which is probably why Saturn’s have relatively few transmission problems. The design is unique in that instead of using the typical clutches, bands and planetary gear setup found in the mass of automatic transmissions, they became creative and designed a precision unit that has proven to be reliable and effective over many years.

The design, to put it in a simple terms, which probably won’t make any sense to most people, since they broke the existing molds. The transmission used a combination of clutches and planetary gears. However no bands are used in this transmission. Plus, instead of using planetary gears exclusively, they incorporated some similarities in design to a standard transmission mainshaft and counter-gear setup. It has proven to be extremely reliable.

The only drawback to the design is that in the case of a serious failure, where the planetaries need replacing, the cost of repair is exorbitant and prohibitive. We have a solution to your problem if you need to buy a Honda transmission. The solution is to buy a used transmission to replace your old one. The reasons for choosing a low mileage used transmission are viable.

When you deal with our company, you can rest assured that our only paradigm is to sell the best products available to meet your demands. We get a lot of used transmissions with less than 40,000 miles. At 40,000 miles, a transmission is barely broken in, especially if the transmission had it’s factory recommended maintenance performed on time.

We have access to these transmissions because we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of transmissions in this country. The transmissions come out of wrecked cars, cars that have been totaled, yet have no transmission issues. You probably already know that with so many cars on the road and everyone texting and the like, plenty of accidents occur which send good late model cars to the bone-yard for recycling. That is were we get our used transmissions from.

Only the best transmission suppliers have access to these resources. When you are looking for good used transmissions with low mileage, which has had a background checkup on it’s entire history, that has also been pretested for guaranteed hassle free performance, you scored. Want to speak with a trained specialist? Call GotTransmissions @ 866-320-1182.

Buy Transmissions for Cars and Trucks for Less.

Buy transmissions

Buy transmissions

Regardless of what condition the economy is in, car and truck transmissions will fail and people will need to locate replacement transmissions for their vehicles. As long as there is a demand for good used transmissions and transmissions, you can bet that we will work harder than every other transmission supply company to make sure our company builds pure value and  confidence in our clients. We think it is important that you know the company you buy transmissions from will be there next month or next year for your convenience.

We have been building confidence in our clients for many years by selling them  hi quality and extremely reliable used transmissions for their cars and trucks. We have built our reputation by offering quality parts and sincere customer service. Our customers are very loyal and demand the best products money can buy. We have met the challenge time and time again.

The challenge that needs to be met today is making sure that the supply company you choose to deal with will be there for you next month or next year to meet your consumer needs. What if you buy a rebuilt transmission from a company which left you with a good customer experience and a quality product, but you call backed a few months later for customer service and they are out of business? Not a confidence builder.

Realistically speaking there is no way you can determine which suppliers will be around for you next month. The smartest companies make plans for all possible circumstances that may occur which could put a company in a bind. The smarter businesses know there are situations that slow down the process. Some of them are things you know will happen every year. For instance, it slows down in Florida in the summer and fall every year, and picks up in the late winter and spring as tourists and the people who live here for six months every year arrive.

Because we know problems will happen, adjustments are made and funds are put away to make it through the tough times. In some cases unexpected problems arise which have to be addressed. We want you to know that we are always on top of being prepared for anything that can throw a cog in the gears. It is not necessary to cause you more pain than you already feel to buy the right transmission.

Knowing that we are very prepared to survive anything is one of the best ways to build peace of mind in our customers, we supply the finest replacement transmissions on the market, and being here for you if you need customer service. @ 866-320-1182.

Chevy Transmissions: Chevy Cruz Transmissions…

The Chevrolet Cruze is all set to get an automatic transmission on 10th January, 2010. The transmission will most probably be the 5 speed tiptronic unit from the Chevrolet Captiva. This will also enable GM to save costs as the Cruze shares the 2 liter diesel engine with the Captiva. If you’re wondering why General Motors is bringing in the Chevy automatic transmission so early, it is simply because customers have complained that the Cruze’s clutch is hard on the left leg. Though the Cruze has striking performance on the highway when the turbo can be kept spooled up, it requires plenty of gear shifts at low speeds in the city.

This is further amplified in slow moving traffic with the Cruze’s significant turbo lag making matters worse. So, GM has wisely decided to offer customers the option of an automatic transmission to make driving the Cruze a veritable ease. The Cruze with the new slush box will cost about a bit more than the manual geared version. This will bring the Cruze very close to the Skoda Laura’s (available in India) price territory which isn’t a good sign as the Skoda enjoys higher brand value (in India). That said, the Chevrolet Cruze’s 3 year free maintenance offer may tilt scales in it’s favor with Skoda customers dumping the Laura for the Cruze.

An interesting little vibe on the top secret problem with the clutch on the new Chevy Cruze. The hard clutch pedal causes shift problems because many people don’t have the leg strength to push the clutch to the floor, which disengages the clutch all the way for smooth shifting. This is the type of production issue that causes so many problems for car manufacturers in the first place.

Call us @ 1-877-269-0664 or go to our main transmissions website or find out more about car transmissions right here on our blog. Presented as a courtesy to everyone who frequents our website. thanks very much.

Hard To Get Transmissions for Sale.

Hard to get transmissions for sale. What is a hard to get transmission? There are two forms of hard to get transmissions. The most basic form of hard to get transmissions are the everyday transmissions we sell. In the first place every transmission we sell is hard to get because only the best available transmissions are sold by our company. If you think all transmissions are the same, than you are sadly mistaken. The same holds true for used transmissions. All used transmissions are not the same.

Ask anyone who has had the experience of doing business with a transmission supplier who does not sell quality products, locating a poorly rebuilt transmission is easy. After going through the frustration and pain of buying an ordinarily rebuilt transmission that is problem laden and ultimately fails prematurely, it is easy to understand why locating a superior product may not be so easy to find. That is why we say all of our transmissions are hard to get. We put more into our transmissions than our competitors, which is why we have outperformed then on a consistent basis.

The subject of used transmissions is even cloudier. Any one who wants to be successful with buying and installing a used transmission should know that a good used transmission looks the same as a marginal used transmission on the outside. It is what’s on the inside that counts. What I mean to convey is that we sell used transmissions that are certified to have 40,000 miles or less on it. Obviously that is better than a used transmission with 140,000 miles on it. How do we know the original mileage and every detail about the cars history? We use the original vehicle identification number and investigate the history of the car from the manufacturing date.

Investigative procedures locating the automobiles history cost money, we have proven that it is well worth the money it costs to deliver a reliable trouble free product than have to deal with an unhappy and frustrated customer.

The second type of hard to get transmission may be an older specialty car transmission, or maybe an unusual or special foreign car transmission or even a motorhome. Locating transmissions for some of the luxury cars can be problematic. Again, by using the proper tools and taking the time needed to research the location of a hard to get transmission, puts us ahead of the competition. Simply put, we work harder than any other company out there to have the finest replacement transmissions available to you in an expedient and hassle free manner. @ 866-320-1182.