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Front Wheel Drive Transmissions and Transxaxles

There seems to be some confusion about the differences between front wheel drive cars and cars with transaxles. First off, a transaxle is a front wheel drive transmission, at least in 99 percent of the cases. Rear engined vehicles like Porsche have transaxles, but the unit is in the rear of the vehicle where the [...]

General Motors 4T45-E Front Wheel Drive Transaxles

The Key to General Motors

The four-speed automatic transmissions is an excellent seamless shifting transaxle that responds quickly to the gas pedal and doesn’t hunt for shifts excessively at awkward speeds. Built by GM, this four-speed automatic, the Hydramatic 4T45-E is an upgrade over last year’s transmissions, which were outsourced to [...]

Rebuilt GM THM-4T65E Transmissions-Transaxles

Rebuilt GM 4T65E Transmissions-Transaxles For Sale

This General Motors 4T65E transaxle/transmissions fit Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile front wheel drive cars, are fully automatic transmissions with electronic controls. Shifts are all controlled by the PCM (pressure control module), by two shift solenoids, line pressure is also fully electronic and controlled [...]

Transaxles-Front Wheel Drive and CVT Transmissions for Sale.

The “new kid” of automatic transmissions is called the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and though the technology actually dates back over 60 decades, these transmissions now appear on their way to entering the mainstream.

Transaxles-Front Wheel Drive and CVT Transmissions

Continuously Variable Transmissions are said to offer the efficiency and economy [...]

Front Wheel Drive, Transaxles (FWD) Transmissions for Sale…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Front wheel Drive Transmissions

The automobile Citroën is the first successful mass-produced car with front-wheel-drive transmissions. Citroen is a French made car. Audi in Germany and Cord in the United States offered front-wheel drive uni-chassis somewhat later on. Unibody was first used by Ford extensively in the mid-sized [...]

Transaxales: Toyota Front Wheel Drive Cars Need Extra Attention..

A good example of the reservoir type of transmissions with this system is the system most Toyota front wheel drive cars use. The transaxle is a combination of the transmission and differential assembly in the same case, hence, transaxle. At my shop we regularly repaired damaged differentials in Toyota’s. Most of the time when the [...]

Transaxles and Front Wheel Drive Cars Need Special Attention

That is an excellent question, which deserves an answer. There are two types of lubrication systems used to lubricate the differential in front wheel drive transmissions or transaxles. There is virtually no information available to the public on this matter, and the and it costs plenty of people unnecessary money by having to purchase a [...]