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Mack TR720 Transmissions for sale

As a former transmission shop owner, operator and mechanic, let me tell you that no other component on your car, light duty truck or over the road heavy duty truck is as complicated and intricate as your transmission. If the rebuilder makes a mistake, or a defective part is used, in most cases the transmission has to be removed to re-repair. This is one reason the transmission industry is so difficult. For instance, when a person calls and needs Mack TR720 Transmissions for sale, they don’t care as much about the price, as how long it will last and how fast they can get it.

Think it’s uncommon to get an inferior transmission that needs constant warranty work or fails right out of warranty. Well ask around. Why do you think we are the leading transmission supplier in the country. We sell peace of mind with every rebuilt transmission sold. Professional mechanics and fleet owners understand that anytime a purchased transmission fails, money and time are lost, clients get angry and sometimes job status is in question.

The fleet owners or transmission shop owners job of actually running a shop becomes easier, and better service is available if the product is more than up to par. The boss is in essence a coach. Most bosses are managers. Think I’m joking, just because you are the greatest transmission man on earth does not mean you can run a business. So the boss can do ‘boss stuff’ instead of deal with major issues like inferior transmissions.

If we can help your shop run better, than we provide more than just replacement transmissions. Our shop and fleet owners are very loyal and many are friends now. Fleet owners lose their minds when they deal with highly ethical companies like Some get bored, no problems to deal with.

As you can see, the transmission business is a difficult business. I would like to make a personal recommendation, I ran my shop in a customer friendly and ethical manner, I would not be writing blogs for if they were not the company I am speaking of. I support the way they do business. Call now and find out what I’m talking about.

Aisin MY600 Transmissions for Sale features the all-new Aisin MY600 6-speed automatic transmission for sale. The design goals: a superior shifting automatic transmission for medium to heavy duty work trucks with improved drive-ability, better usage of engine torque, improved fuel economy [equal to a manual transmission]; exhaust brake performance equal to manual transmission; and improved reliability and durability.

The overdrive ratios: first gear, 3.742; second gear, 2.003; third gear, 1.343; fourth gear, 1.000; fifth gear, 0.773; and sixth gear, 0.634. The ratios in fifth and sixth gear allow high cruising speeds with lower engine RPM’s keeping wear to a minimum. It is a fully computerized transmission with some very sophisticated features not usually found in trucks.

It is the most sophisticated automatic truck transmission on the market. Everything having to do with it’s structural strength is reinforced from earlier models. The new design uses many of the same high technology features found in some of the expensive luxury sports cars. It’s a new breed of automatic transmissions that suits the needs of truckers, automatically.

There is a standard equipment heavy-duty transmission cooler for all automatic transmissions in all trucks. All FK and FM 260 coolers are liquid type mounted in front of the truck below the radiator.

Smartly, they increased the size of the transmission cooler and mounted it so it’s perpendicular to the frame, It should make it easier to work with.

For the most current information on the Aisn MY600 automatic transmissions call and speak with a sales specialist. Our goal is to make sure we outfit you with the correct replacement transmission. We build peace of mind into every transmission we sell. Call now for a free quote.

Honda Odyssey Transmissions For Sale

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan released for sale in America in 1995. It’s hard to believe the Odyssey has been out that long now. It is more than just a minivan, it is for those who want a little more luxury in a minivan. The Odyssey delivers in full. If you are an Odyssey owner who had a premature transmission failure, rest assured, every Honda Odyssey transmission for sale at is priced below cost and ready to ship.

Honda makes a terrific transmission. That is the bottom line. Some problems have been reported on the internet, after examining the issues, I’m convinced it was not a defect in the transmission as opposed to a few isolated occurrences or a driver problem.

From 1995 to 1999 Honda used a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission in the 2 wheel drive and AWD [all wheel drive]. From then on, 4 speed and 5 speed model in the second generation Odyssey, a 5 speed transaxle in the third generation and in the 4th generation Odyssey, being introduced in the US in 2011 a 6 speed transaxle.

All of the Honda Odyssey’s are front wheel drive. Technically called a transverse engine and transmission mounting system, simply put, the transmission and engine are sideways in the front engine compartment. Unlike a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle, it has no drive-shaft.

As a 30 plus year veteran of the transmission industry, Honda makes really good transmissions. If you are looking for a replacement Odyssey transmission, here is some advice.

We sell some of the best used transmissions on the market. Called JDM transmissions, they are almost exclusive to Japanese cars and provide an unusual value at unbelievable prices. That is one of my favorite options.

For those who want the best, no compromise solution, let me recommend one of our transmissions. The secret to our success with transmissions is experience and knowledge. Without getting too technical, one of the least known secrets to a successful Odyssey rebuild job is to use factory OEM parts and factory transmission fluid. Believe me when I tell you there are no better parts in the world to use in a Honda rebuild.

Allow us to assist you in choosing a replacement transmission. We enjoy providing enough information so you can make a great decision. Remember, an educated customer makes better decisions. Call now and speak with someone sincerely interested in helping you solve your problem the best way.

Ford Explorer Transmissions for Sale

Ford introduced the Explorer in 1990 to replace the smaller Bronco ll. A lot of Explorers have been sold, being a midsized van-like vehicle or more commonly called a mid sized SUV, it fits the needs perfectly of millions of people. There is so much good to say about the Explorer. The only negative thing about the early Explorers were the automatic transmissions. One of our most popular products are Ford Explorer transmissions for sale, pre 1995.

The first generation Explorers came with an automatic transmission called the A4LD. The idea behind the A4LD was noble, a lightweight automatic overdrive transmission for medium to smaller vehicles. It had structural and shifting problems galore. Transmission men affectionately called it the Ford ‘Exploder’.

The good thing about the A4LD transmission is we figured out how to rebuild them using premium parts of course, but the secret to success is a reprogramming kit which allows the transmission to function as it should have in the first place. Buying one of our rebuilt Ford Explorer transmissions is actually a better transmission than came in it, new from the factory.

The newer generation of Explorer used a better automatic transmission. It is fully computerized and has improved internal strength with redesigned parts. Here is a list of transmissions offered in the Gen. ll Explorers;
5-speed M5OD-R1 manual
4-speed 4R55E automatic
4-speed 4R70W automatic
5-speed 5R55E automatic

The third generation of Explorers came with these transmissions;
5-speed M5OD-R1HD manual
5-speed 5R55W automatic
5-speed 5R55S automatic

The differences in transmissions were essentially related to engine size. Since the Explorer now offers a V8 engine, a transmission that will handle the V8 power was added to both the 2nd and 3rd generation Ford Explorer. Although the V8 engines were different between the 2nd and 3rd generation models.

What transmission would suit your interests for a transmission replacement job? As far as I’m concerned, the older models with the A4LD should have a rebuilt transmission installed in it. Since the A4LD was a problem and has been out of production for over 15 years, your best bet is to get a reliable rebuilt unit you can count on for peace of mind.

In the event you own a newer model Explorer, it is likely we can locate a used transmission with fairly low miles on it. The choice is yours. All you have to do is call and speak with a sales representative and learn more about how to choose the best transmission for your interests. Call Now.

Nissan UD3300 Transmissions for Sale

UD Trucks is a Japanese company who makes bus, truck and work vehicle chassis. Owned by the Volvo Group and formerly known as Nissan Diesel, the company changed their name to UD Trucks on February first, 2010. Sounds somewhat confusing, especially if you need to buy a Nissan UD3300 transmission for sale. That is why we employ the best and most knowledgeable salespeople at

It’s absolutely amazing at how many different types of vehicles UD Trucks produces. Check it out at Wikipedia [].

Being a transmission resale company, it’s takes a lot of work to become an expert on complicated subjects like replacement transmissions. When you throw a rock into the mix like UD truck transmissions, the situation just became more difficult and critical.

Every UD transmission is designed and produced for a particular vehicle and matched to the engine and rear differential ratio. Choosing the right transmission should be handled by a professional. You can’t approach buying a replacement transmission lightly. It is a serious subject.

All transmission failures are a serious subject. The truth of the matter is trucks like UD are solely responsible for deliveries. Commercial deliveries, like the Christmas gifts you are buying now. For that matter, anything you buy in a store nowadays probably got there by big trucks like the UD brand.

With that being said, you can understand why ultimate reliability is of prime importance for truckers and the companies they work for. With so many critical parts and adjustments needed in the process of rebuilding any UD transmission, it is wise to trust a company who spends more money on their products than advertising.

We have learned a lot of things over the years. The most important piece of info is, we are here to serve you. All we need is some information on your intended purpose for you Nissan UD and we can supply some education on which replacement transmissions are right for you. Call now.

GMC 4L60E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L65E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L65E Transmissions for Sale

When GM came out with the 4L60E automatic overdrive transmission, they already knew they had a winner on hand. The forerunner to this excellent transmission may ring a bell, it’s called the 700R4, and it was one of the best transmissions General Motors ever made. By using their brains, the engineers made minimal modifications, while turning the old fashioned hydraulic shifting 700R4 into fully computerized modern transmission still in use as the 4L65E. You can bet every GMC 4L60E transmission for sale by will exceed your expectations.

The 4L60E transmission is used in nearly every brand of General Motors cars that are of the rear wheel drive type. Rear wheel drive transmission setups are called ”longitudinal’. What that means is that the engine and transmission run north to south of the axis of the car. Rear wheel drive cars and trucks have a drive-shaft.

I own a car and van with a 4L60E transmission. One is a Buick Roadmaster luxury station wagon, with the 5.7L Vortec V8. Shifts like butter, which is what I want in a luxury car. Our 2000 Safari Van with the 4.3L Vortec V6 engine uses a 4L60E transmission and had been updated once in 130,000 miles. Still performs flawlessly. My 1988 GMC 1 ton 4×4 pickup truck is a bit older and uses the 700R4 transmission. I have rebuilt it once in 22 years. It continues to impress.

One of the reasons I’m a big fan of this particular transmission is that I owned and operated a transmission repair shop in Florida from 1981 to 2006 [I sold it}. I rebuilt plenty of them. There are millions of them in use in every line of rear wheel drive car and truck General Motors makes. Considering their broad coverage, trouble free is it’s middle name.

If you are interested in a reliable and outstanding source for rebuilt 4L60E transmissions, heavy duty transmissions, or a good used transmission, has a reputation for customer service and prices that are below cost. Find out exactly how we can be of help. Call now for a free quote and as much free information as you need.

GMC 4L80E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L80E transmissions are automatic overdrive units with computer controlled shifting. Made from 1991 to 2006, it was even used by Rolls Royce from 1992 to 2002. For all practical purposes all 4L80E transmissions for sale are the same except for the super duty model that came in the heavy duty series trucks. Which has stronger planetary gears for added pulling power.

A derivative of the original Chevy transmission legend called the T-400, the 4L80E used the 3 speed portion of the T400 and added an overdrive section and lock up torque converter. All of it in a new [transmission] case with a computer controlled valve body. Once the early problems were eliminated, it was considered the main rival to the Dodge heavy duty and Ford super duty automatic overdrive transmissions.

Most of the early problems were un-related, wiring harness issues. Not the actual transmission. The wire connectors and harness were modified to remove electrical issues within a few years of production. Simply put, this is one heck of a heavy duty transmission, designed for practically any load you can challenge it with.

I’m a GM man, and own a GMC pickup. Although the 4L80E was not offered in 1988, it would have been nice if it was available in 1988 when I bought my truck [new]. Not that I have had any transmission problems myself, it’s just a bigger heavier unit than the 700R4.

Because it is computerized and my T700 R4 is not, a swap out would require rewiring my truck to accept a computer controller.

If you are looking for a 4L80E replacement transmission, let me recommend because they are reliable and honest. Their selection of replacement transmissions is outstanding with transmissions being our hot seller. We offer used transmissions also, we will not sell a ”junk yard” used transmission if it is close to the end of it’s life span.

I’m very high on the rebuilt 4L80E transmissions we sell. They are rebuilt with the best parts available and the most effective updates. It’s hard to believe such a well crafted product is so cost effective. GMC owners are a loyal bunch and I’m one of them. I would never settle for anything but the best, personally.

Make the call and find out how inexpensive a rebuilt 4L80E transmission is, I’m convinced you will see the value we built into every rebuilt transmission of ours once you speak with a representative. Don’t sell yourself short, call now and find out why is where our customers end their friends.

Ford 4R75W Transmissions for Sale

When the subject of whether or not Ford made a 4R75W automatic overdrive transmission came up the other day, one of the guys was emphatic that Ford did not make such a transmission. I said has Ford 4R75W Transmissions for Sale. I then found an advertisement Ford made specifically to introduce the 4R75W, which is listed below.

Matched to the new 5.4-liter V-8 is a new 4R75E automatic transmission, an evolution of the 4R70E used on the current F-150. Upgraded to handle the torque of the 5.4-liter engine, this transmission shares patented upgrades with the 4R70E, which backs the 4.6-liter V-8:

* A redesigned torque converter improves launch performance and increases efficiency.
* A turbine speed sensor improves transmission control, providing the basis for fully electronic shift scheduling to limit “hunting” and to fine-tune shift speed and feel.
* Increased microprocessor speed improves responsiveness and precision of the control system.
* “Smart” fully electronic shift scheduling knows what the torque will be in the next gear so it chooses the shift points based on the vehicle’s projected performance in the next gear.
* Coupled with the electronic throttle strategy, the transmission computes the output torque required to maintain the vehicle speed, and chooses the correct gear and converter state accordingly.
* A sealed case and lifetime transmission fluid make the transmission maintenance free, while adaptive pressure control maintains consistent shift feel over time.

By predicting the performance of the truck in the next gear, the computer-controlled transmissions provide a more sophisticated solution to heavy demands than a simple shift delay switch, such as the one-size-fits-all “towing mode” some competitors use. [Add From Ford Motor Company]

One way to determine the load carrying capacity of any Ford automatic transmission that has the numerals 70, 75, and 100 at the end or in the middle, such as the 4R70W, 4R75W, 4R100 transmissions, is that the numerals 70, 75, and 100 are the torque ratings; multiplied by 10 we get; 700, 750, and 1000 ft./lbs., respectively, which is then divided by 2, [by torque converter action]. So we end up with, 350, 375, and 500 ft./lbs. of engine torque capacity per transmission, respectively.

For all practical purposes, the 4R75W is simply a stronger 4R70W. The 4R100 is an entirely different automatic transmission, used in trucks and large SUV’s, capable of hauling very heavy loads.

Fords 4R75W transmission is a complicated high technology, computer controlled automatic overdrive. It is a very good transmission and upon rebuilding requires the skills of the best transmission re-builders possible.

By offering the finest transmissions and excellent used transmissions with excellent guarantees, it is a sure bet that you will receive the best value at an unbeatable price at Call Now for Peace of Mind.