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Used 350C Transmission

The 350C transmission was used by GM through the 1970s and late 1980s. First derived from the 300 series, the 3-speed powered assembly found its way into a majority of manufactured automobiles. There are differences among the many THM gearboxes that can be purchased on the web. Knowing how to buy a used 350C transmission can help a car owner or mechanic choose wisely.

GM started to classify older and newer technology with different gearbox codes in the 1976 year. A designation of “c” means that the model as the included lockup torque converter. There was a later heavy-duty edition that appeared in some V8 powered vehicles that had the code “b” after the 350. Being careful when purchasing a used gearbox ensures the right one is found.

350C Gearboxes with Torque Converters

There are thousands of replacement gearboxes being sold across the United States each day. While every dealer is different, there are some assemblies that are sold incomplete. Because the lockup torque converter come standard on the 350C, a person buying this unit should receive the complete build. Some dealers do not include additional clutches or converters at the point of sale.

The 700R4 transmission ended up replacing the older THM350C transmission around 1986. The gear ratios that are found on the original “c” units include 2.52 first gear, 1.52 second gear, 1.00 third gear and 2.07 reverse gear. Someone who buys a replacement on the web should always take a moment to verify the correct ratio of all gears. This can eliminate the risk of an installation problem due to the wrong gearing.

RWD 3-Speed TH350C Transmissions

The reverse mounted design of the THM gearboxes is still a GM standard. While better technology has now been created, what has not changed is the build quality of the actual housing. markets one of the biggest turbo-hydramatic inventories of replacement gearboxes in the USA. Because of the scale of units available, warranties are part of the consumer package at the time of purchase.

It takes a good warranty to provide an extended life for transmission parts. The clutches, springs, pressure plates and coils can all deteriorate over time. General Motors OEM installations were made to last although used assemblies can have a number of unexpected problems. The warranty offered without cost on this website is standard for every automatic unit.

Low Cost 350C Transmissions for Sale

The low sticker price applied to units that are on sale at this website is because of the volume of assemblies distributed. Some of the top distributors are the very companies that make deliveries possible at From classic to modern gearboxes, someone can find nearly all General Motors builds ready for national shipments.

To search what prices are offered, the approximate year must be provided when researching through the in stock finder on this website. The stick price is then displayed and a person can choose to checkout with only a single click.