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Used 200C Transmission

GM produced its 200C THM transmissions from the late 1970s until 1987. This unit was a derivative of the early turbo-hydramatic units first built in the 1960s. This rear-wheel drive unit is one of the smallest 3-speed gearboxes in existence. A person ready to buy a used 200C transmission can complete a transaction right here at the website.

What is the difference between 200 and 200c transmissions? While each unit is the same design, what the c-series has over the 200 version is a different torque converter. The lockup converter was a new inclusion by GM after the 1976 production year. The designation of the letter c after 200 means that the lockup mechanism is installed. This could help a person confused about which version to buy online.

200C Turbo-Hydramatic Gear Ratios

There is a distinct ratio of gearing that made the TH200C a popular build. The first gear was always geared higher. This is now standard on all late model General Motors gearbox assemblies. The first gear is 2.74, second is 1.57, third is 1.00 and the reverse gear is 2.07. This improves the final gear set with the inclusion of the locked converter.

The 3.0, 5.0, 4.3 and 3.8 GM engines were often paired up with the turbo-hydramatic TH200C. Because these were discontinued in the mid 1980s, they have become some what of a sought after model by car tuners and builders. The ease of pulling one of the THM transmissions is what makes them easy to work on. A person who will be swapping a defective assembly for a used one will find that quality is much better.

THM200C Transmission with a Warranty

Before buying from any second hand source on the Internet, a person should know and understand the terms of the sale. A THM can be hard to find especially one that has low mileage. While there are rebuilt versions, the price is just not as low as one that is sold as second hand. supplies what could be the most complete parts coverage for the 200C gearbox.

Because this coverage comes as a standard option, a person who does not understand what can go wrong with the THM200C does not need to worry. Since mileage will always be different between units, the warranty provides essential OEM parts components coverage. This coverage is guaranteed when the warranty has been activated.

Buy Cheap 200C Turbo-Hydramatic Gearboxes

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