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Used F4AEL Transmission

Ford built its F4EAT for direct installation into its vehicles in the year 1990. Sub-licensing of this four-speed unit was contracted with Kia and Mazda to use the automatic builds in different vehicles. Someone ready to buy a used F4AEL transmission will find quality inventory at low prices when using this gearbox resource.

Ford, like General Motors, started using electronic based transmissions at the start of the 1990s. What this provides is a smooth control over all of the patterns of shifting that are offered to car owners. Because Ford tests all of its technology first, other automakers that license technology usually receive good results.

Second Hand F4AEL Mazda or Kia Builds

Between the production years of 1990 and 2005, there were multiple vehicles that were fitted with the F4AEL gearboxes. The Protege from Mazda was the first recipient of the electronic control technology. The 323 was the second vehicle that received the updated automatic design. The Kia brand popularized use of the transverse transmissions designed by Ford in its 2000 to 2005 vehicles.

The Rio, Sephia and Spectra are some of the models that have used the four-speed automatic as a primary gearbox. One thing to note about the F4AEL is the electronic controlled speedometer. Ford uses solenoids to control most of the opening and closing of clutches and gears found inside of its late model gearboxes. Control of the speedometer was a new element in the early 1990 series gearboxes.

Overdrive Transmissions Built by Ford

There are few if any issues that a person swapping a gearbox will find once a used condition unit is installed. Regular wear patterns appear on gears and other places that should be considered normal. Overheating and oil leaks that are common on some automaker builds are not present in the F4EAT design. A person using this resource to find or compare quality levels of preowned transmissions will be happy when they order.

Part of what is provided to every person who uses this resource is a good supply of inventory. The out of stock notices that are common through some resources are never a problem here. All current inventory is posted that is available for direct shipments across the USA. All Mazda, Ford and Kia vehicles supported with the used gearboxes found here will run much better.

Buy Cheap F4AEL Transmissions Here

Starting with the finder on this page, a person has a lot of information to review. Choosing the year as well as the make of a vehicle will configure the system for calculating a price. The standard retail price for every gearbox is displayed as well as the in stock sale pricing. This means that any person can easily compare prices featured here with other dealers.

If enough information is not supplied using the finder, a toll-free number is available. A gearbox expert fields all calls to provide price, tag id research and other helpful tasks. All shipments in America are free of charge as well as the attached warranty plans.

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