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Used Honda CRX Transmission

Honda used its H4 transmission inside its CRX vehicles in the late 1980s. As one of the very first automatic builds, this transverse gearbox was later used in a series of performance cars. The FF body layout of the CRX paired nicely with the H4 assembly. A person who will buy a replacement used Honda CRX transmission can use this website.

The CRX was deemed the sporty version of the famed Civic at the Honda company. While the 1.5 and 1.6 motors were the most commonly used, Honda did use automatic and manual gearboxes inside of the sport compact vehicles. There were 3 generations of production that included the CRX nameplate. The final year of production was the 1991 year when the Del Sol was introduced.

CRX Automatic Honda Transmissions

The import motors used in Honda motor vehicles are quite popular for tuners and some car restoration companies. One issue that someone can find while doing research on replacement parts is a lack of foreign gearboxes available. Since the H4 platform is no longer actively produced, there is a real shortage for 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 CRX gearboxes.

The EX and SI trim levels did offer a manual assembly for a limited time. The final couple of years for the CRX as a compact vehicle included the 5-speed as an upgrade. The hatchback design was preferred by many early Honda car owners. The standard stick shift and automatic versions that are sold from this website are in good condition and ready for U.S. distribution.

CRX Gearboxes with Warranties

Honda is known for producing excellent vehicles and superior components. While performance is the goal for many models, the lifespan of the OEM installed components is pretty high. To curb issues on the second hand market, the company is supplying a long-term warranty plan with every CRX assembly. This removes the need to seek a third-party service company or mechanic if a problem should be found after installation.

When swapping the CRX gearbox, having a no charge warranty to make someone feel more secure is a good thing. Because OEM components can and do fail, making certain that no future problems will prevent proper operation is smart. The overall benefits of the no charge warranty far outweigh the median amount of mileage on the housing.

Buy Honda CRX Transmissions for Sale

Buying right on this website is just a click away. While sorting through what is available, a person has the opportunity to validate VIN numbers or engine types that are compatible. The price is right and the shipments are delivered at no cost. What this provides to a person who has never shopped at secondary retailer before is a good experience.

To choose the right manual or automatic model, provide the correct year when researching the inventory tool presented here. Prices are then accurately calculated and an option to purchase is given to every car parts buyer on this page.