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Used FNR5 Transmission

The FNR5 transmission code is used by Ford to rebrand the original Mazda FS5A-EL gearbox. This automatic 4-speed build was been inserted in two of the popular Ford Motor Company vehicles over the past decade. While Ford vehicle installations were short lived, there is still demand for a used FNR5 transmission by the public. Units can be purchased at for a sale price.

The 2.3-liter motor was used in the Ford and Mercury vehicles that were paired up with the 4-speed FNR5. The Milan and the Fusion were equally manufactured with similar specs. One good thing for transmission buyers is that a lot of aftermarket components are still available for the electronic assemblies produced under the Ford-Mazda partnership.

History of the FS5A-EL Gearbox

Depending on what vehicle is selected, there are different histories of the 4-speed Mazda design. What Ford uses and what Mazda uses is slightly different. The bushings and valve bodies are often the same in the Fusion as those in the Focus. Mazda did not cross-promote OEM components and uses all original manufacturing its version of the FNR5 assemblies.

There is little information for a person to uncover who is interested in maybe rebuilding a FS5A-EL transmission. Since Ford rebadged its units, locating parts for sale for each of these units is often tiresome. It can be a better option to just replace the entire assembly if a problem is preventing normal operation. What is offered for sale on this resource is authentic OEM builds in slightly used condition.

FNR5 Used Transmissions with Warranties

It can be a lot easier to get the most years of life out of a gearbox when a warranty is present. Because parts are in low supply, using mail order companies or catalog retailers is pretty much the only option to replace a defective clutch or bearing. Every 4-speed Ford transmission for sale right on this website already includes a pretty friendly warranty policy.

It is impossible though to cover every part from pending damage. It is possible to cover about 90% of what can go wrong in a Mazda designed FNR5 Ford assembly. The things that are covered in the warranty plan apply to reverse clutch, reverse drum, forward clutch, differential, electrical components and steel plates.

Buy FNR5 Used Ford Automatic Transmissions

Without getting technical, there are a lot of issues that can happen with a secondary market gearbox. What makes sense is to buy one in complete condition with a great plan of coverage. provides one of the only inventories on a national level that includes shipping and warranty costs in the sale price. This is an excellent value to average people.

To get started buying in real time, the Mazda or Ford make of a vehicle must be provided in the search box. Because prices are based on inventory that is shippable, people comparing prices could be surprised at how low the price tags really are.