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Used Dodge D150 Transmission

The D150 trucks by Dodge all used different transmissions from the 1980s through the early 1990s. There are 3-speed and 4-speed models that a person could search for on the web. When buying any replacement, understanding the motor type and the Chrysler numbering system is essential. A person can buy quality used Dodge D150 transmission inventory at this industry resource.

The TorqueFlite name is what Dodge gave to its various transmission assemblies used in the North American market. The D150 trucks were fitted with no fewer than 4 different gearboxes. What made each assembly unique was the casing and the engine compatibility. Most truck transmissions for the D150 were 2WD.

Pre-1991 D150 Truck Transmissions

Chrysler changed all of its transmission codes in the before 1991. What this meant to dealers and consumers was more confusion about which assembly was available. The “A” designation before a series of 3 numbers is the old naming system. Most newer builds start with a 3 or a 4 to differentiate the production period.

Between 1998 and 1991, D150 trucks used the following transmissions: A904, A727, A500 and A518. These were used most often with the 5.9 and 3.9 motors. This is the same configuration that was later installed in early Ram trucks. The complete transaxle inventory that is promoted on this website provides research for all used D150 truck transmissions for sale.

RWD Dodge Truck Gearboxes with Warranties

Warranty protection for any classic truck is essential for a replacement parts buyer. Components become old and can breakdown easier. Rust is one major factor to the older gearboxes. The springs and clutches can be worn out by years of hard usage. supplies complete 3 and 4-speed parts warranties to every person ordering on this website. What this supplies is a good way to fix up an older truck at a cheap price.

The no charge warranties are essential for any person who buys a second hand gearbox. Paying extra for 90-day coverage is a thing of the past. Most of the warranties for used Dodge transmissions featured here are between a year and 3 years in length. This offers an extended period of protection. About 90% of the OEM parts are protected through these warranties.

Search Cheap D150 Dodge Transmissions

There is a digital tool that locates inventory in all of the company warehouses found on this page. This includes the Ram and D150 truck models. By using the year and the model as search criteria, a person is presented with a direct method comparing any price tag attached to an in stock unit. This is much faster than calling to ask about sale prices.

When someone is ready to checkout, a one-click ordering button is offered. What this does is expedites all ordering into a single movement. There are no other steps to take to order replacement D150 truck transmissions in preowned condition online.