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Used 4L30E Transmission

The GM 4L30E was designed by General Motors as its electronic transmission in the year 1991. A period of only 10 years were involved during the lifespan of the 4-speed 4L30E. A person who is unable to buy parts at a local salvage company can find good condition used 4L30E transmission inventory on this website.

There are 4 gears found in the 4L30E series. This assembly is one of the smallest made by GM that still features electronic solenoid controls. There is one reverse gear in the setup. General Motors licensed its 4-speed technology to many foreign automakers through the late 1990s.

Vehicles Using the 4L30E Gearboxes

A number of non-GM vehicles have used the automatic e-series units. Form BMW to Acura, many luxury vehicle buyers found the 4L30E more reliable than the earlier 3L30. Cadillac is one brand by GM that was powered partly through the 4-speed gearboxes. With its licensing to Isuzu, General Motors provided support the Rodeo and Trooper for a number of years before terminating the 4L30E.

Because of its powerful design, both I4 and V6 motors were found used with the automatic 4-speed 30-E builds. A large percentage of the foreign production took place in France. The common rating is 440 for torque in the RWD and 4WD editions. The limp home mode that is still found in a majority of General Motors automatic transmissions was built into the 4L30E assemblies.

Warranties for Used 4-Speed Automatic

Unlike a manual assembly, most of the GM gearboxes built between 1991 and 2001 included a number of electronics. From TCM to solenoids, there are a lot of problems that can happen during transmission ownership. A way that shoppers of gearboxes on the web find protection is through a warranty plan. The company is one of few that offer a long-term protection policy for all consumers.

Many of the clutch assemblies and other parts from OEM installations are covered. While there is high mileage found on some of the units, a good warranty will help a person to maximize the usage period. All automatic or GM manual transmissions for sale that are found using this website include a warranty. Consumers receive this at no additional charge in the U.S.

4L30E Used Transmission with Torque Converter

All prices for longitudinal gearboxes on this website include a complete torque converter. What this means is that a there is no other purchase required. The TCM will work perfectly with the included converter. The high torque capacity of the 4L30E makes it a great replacement for a number of different sedan and luxury automobiles. Buying one is even simpler on the web.

Choosing the GM year and model of every automatic transmission enabled vehicle here is what brings up the pricing system. From the finder on this page, select how a price is to be delivered. Once this information is provided, a person can even buy using the simple purchase link offered. This saves the hassle of shopping at a mail order resource.

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