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Nissan Titan Truck Transmissions for Sale

The Nissan Titan pickup truck has only one transmission available. There are no other options. It is called a Jatco RE5R05A. It is an automatic overdrive transmission with 5 forward speeds and a lock up torque converter. Choosing the correct Nissan Titan Truck transmission for sale at is not that difficult.

The Jatco RE5R05A uses a longitudinal mounting system, or more to the point, a front engine rear differential setup, where the engine and transmission are mounted north to south, with the axis of the truck or car.

That makes the Titan a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle with four wheel drive optional. It is a well built truck and does not have excessive transmission problems. Our transmissions are excellent sellers because they are upgraded during the remanufacturing process, some of the improvements include:

1. Updated valve body for more positive shifts and longer life. The valve body is the brain of your transmission. All new electrical components are installed, no used solenoids.
2. Additional clutch plates in every clutch pack.
3. Heavy duty snap ring in the low/reverse drum.
4. Heavy duty rebuilt torque converter.

Jatco is one of the oldest automatic transmissions manufacturers. They have been supplying Nissan with automatic transmissions for many years. I can personally attest to the quality of Jatco transmissions from my plus 30 years in the transmission business. Truly a high quality product.

It’s hard to beat the peace of mind and pure value every remanufactured transmission offers. However we sell low mileage used transmissions and used JDM transmissions also. The point is has a replacement transmission option for you. You have to call to find out more.

One of our trained sales representatives will be glad to speak with you about which option is in your best interests. No matter how long it takes, we are here to explain everything you need to know in terms you understand. Our goal is to outfit you with the exact replacement transmission you need. Call now and find out.

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