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Buick Riviera 4T60 Used Transmissions

Buick Riviera 4T60 Transmissions

Buick Riviera was a mid-size sedan produced by General Motors. The first traces of the Riviera can be made back to the mid 1960s. The Riviera received higher acclaim a couple of decades later when it was reintroduced with a smaller V6 engine. The original transmission for this Buick was produced as a Turbo-Hydramatic. This brand was popular until GM renamed it in the ’80s as the 4T60 series. We have Buick Riviera 4T60 used transmissions all at affordable prices. These transmissions are ready for shipment right now and we pick up the cost of shipping here at

Our automatic 4-speed GM transmissions are a perfect fit for your Buick and other vehicles. We always make sure to get the transmissions in stock that customers demand. You can search long and hard in Google and other search engines and come up empty. There are few other options outside of purchasing from an actual General Motors dealership when you need a transmission replacement. We are fortunate to have the best suppliers that have near perfect transmissions in stock. It is these very transmissions that are brought here so we can identify them and evaluate the condition. We resell these to average people and to companies that deal with preowned transmissions.

Buick Riviera 4T60 Used Transmissions

The thing to understand about a used transmission is verification of the previous owner. As an online shopper, the only information that you have is what you are given. You depend on the seller of auto parts to be honest with you. It is way too easy to put up stock specs from the manufacturer and stock photographs. We refuse to take that approach. We describe what you are buying and you can verify what shows up at your door after purchase. The transmission distributors that supply our company also supply dealerships. We get access to the same condition transmissions except we refuse to mark up the price tag. We know everyone loves the ability to save some money buying online.

Shipping is one more thing you never have to worry with here. We eliminate the cost of shipping. We pick up the cost for all customers. We do this as our special gift to you for buying from us. We know that it can be expensive to pay for core charges and to pay one-way shipping for a transmission. We help out in all ways that we can. Getting the Buick Riviera 4-speed transmission you want comes at a price cheaper than you thought. Each 4T60 transmission qualifies for our free shipping offer in the U.S.

Buick Riviera 4T60 Used Transmissions Price Quotes

Taking a few seconds of your time and getting a price quote here will definitely reduce the price you pay for a transmission online. Our quote form is instant. This means you can forget about calling and speaking with someone to get your quote. We eliminate that need. Use our online version of the quote form we provide. It’s really fast. If you do want to call, we’ll happily help you. Call toll free at 1-866-320-1182.

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