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Windstar 3.8 Auto Used Transmission for Sale

It’s hard to imagine the Ford Windstar has been out since 1994. It eventually replaced the Aerostar van in 1997. Our customer typed this search term into Google; ”Windstar 3.8 Auto Used‘. After a bit of discussion, this person was looking for a used Ford Windstar automatic transmission/transaxle.

The Windstar went through two generational changes. The first generation was made from 1994 to 1998 and used what Ford coded as the AXOD automatic transaxle/transmission. The second generation Windstar was made from 1998 to 2003 and also used a four speed automatic overdrive transaxle coded either ; AX4S and the AX4N.

Both generations of the Ford Windstar used the same engines. A 3.0L ”Vulcan” V6 and a ”Essex” 3.8L.

The AXOD, AX4S and AX4N are from the same family of transmissions. Each unit was an improved version of the one before. Although the transmissions were different internally depending on the engine application. Meaning of course that the 3.8L engine used a somewhat beefier version of the 3.0L models due to the added power.

We get more calls for used Windstar transmissions. My opinion is as such. The Windstar was not the most successful vehicle Ford ever made. It had plenty of problems, which may be why they went out of production. I believe that Windstar owners do not want to put excessive money in said vehicle. This is where one of our certified used transmissions comes into play.

Our used transmissions are all certified. What that means is each transmission was operated and examined to make sure we sell you a quality product. We want you to have a good customer experience, therefore it serves no purpose to either party selling ”junk” used transmissions.

Considering this car is a front wheel drive vehicle, it is much more work to remove and install a used transmission than on a rear wheel drive car. Cost of installation is a major reason we are industry leaders in used transmission sales. Our units work right the first time.

I’m not an applications expert. One piece of advise; make sure you deal with a company who sells you a transmission for a 3.8L engine. As I mentioned earlier, a 3.0L transaxle has less holding strength than one built for a 3.8L engine. Don’t get cheated. Sure, the 3.0L transmissions may work behind a 3.8L engine, but it won’t last as long. It is not as strong, pure and simple.

Buy your used transmissions from We sell peace of mind with our second hand transmissions. Don’t be bamboozled by the imitators or bad-mouthers making unrealistic claims. is your leader in replacement transmissions for any purpose. Call now.

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