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Used Geo Metro Transmission

The Suzuki Cultus {Japan only] was introduced to the JDM [Japanese domestic market] in 1983 and became a success immediately. Suzuki manufactured them in six plus countries and sold them all over the world, through three generations of updates. The majority sold as the Geo Metro and Chevrolet Metro and Suzuki Swift. Good used Geo Metro transmissions are hard to find, but you can always count on GotEngines.com to research and locate the best used transmissions anywhere the country in one of our recycling yards.

The aluminum 5-speed manual RPO [regular production order] MM5 was the only standard transmission as far as I know, with gear ratios of;
1st Gear: 3.42:1
2nd Gear: 1.89:1
3rd Gear: 1.28:1
4th Gear: 0.91:1
5th Gear: 0.76:1
Reverse: 3.27:1

The only two Automatic Transmissions I could reliably identify are located below; the gentlemen at GotTransmissions.com have more experience and information regarding specific models and all the applications, than I have. My experience is hands on, as in rebuilding and repairing them. I was a transmission rebuilder for over 30 years and owned my own shop from 1981 to 2006 when I sold it. My specialty is repairs, diagnosis and rebuilds, not automotive applications.

The Aluminum case Automatic transmissions-the MX1, also called the A131L automatic transmission [transaxle] and the A245E . They are made by Toyota. Both are hydraulically controlled front wheel drive transaxles, three speed and four speed respectively.

A131L; 3 Speed Automatic transaxle/applications:
• 1984-2002 Toyota Corolla (1.6L 4A-FE / 3 spd.)
A245E 4 Speed Transaxle Applications are;
• 1985–1988 Chevrolet Nova
• 1990-1992 Geo Prizm

Although I am not an application expert, what I do know is our used transmissions are anything but junk or practically worn out. Each used Geo Metro transmission is fully examined and either passes the tests or gets rejected. Our reputation and warranties prove we only sell the best. Call our application experts and find out how affordable a used Geo transmission can be.

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