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Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap | Cheap Transmissions

Dodge Stealth had a 5-year run in U.S. production and was based on the Mitsubishi platform. The actual design did well in European countries and the Stealth was imported for sale in 1991. One of the amenities was a V6 engine that could accept the 4 and 5-speed manual and automatic transmissions that Chrysler developed. The A670 was the selected transmission and was previous used in the LeBaron, New Yorker and Dodge Daytona. We have Dodge Stealth A670 used transmissions cheap to keep our customers happy. When we put prices on transmissions like these, we know that our pricing will affect our customers. We keep things on the cheap end to save everyone money.

The A670 transmission has electronic sensors inside that help to control the operation. The throttle position sensor and temperature sensor are two important components. The problem with buying these transmissions used on the Internet is that most sellers do not have the capability to test electronic components for damage or imminent failure. Our Dodge mechanics have access to all of our testing equipment to verify if a Stealth transmission is as good as our wholesalers say that the A670 can be. We go through various types of compression and spin testing to make sure no gears or other components are damaged.

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap

A good price is very good if you can get a quality transmission. It is quote common to get a low price and even lower quality. You’ve probably found gearboxes for sale online that meet this scenario head on. To avoid any type of customer complaints, we take all the time that is necessary to explain our quality control and parts condition. This helps a lot since customers cannot hear or witness a transmission in full operation from our website. All of the Stealth transmissions that enter into our testing facility are put through rigorous procedures until we are 100 percent confident in the transmission functionality.

Here at Got Transmissions, we ship free to cut down the cost even more for customers. We know the economic challenges of having a salvage or junkyard business. Customers demand high quality for any amount of money that is spent. We constantly reduce our pricing by being innovative and creative in our acquisitions. What we put out are transmissions that have been inspected and that are OEM Dodge gearboxes. The A670 transmission is easily installed and does not have gear ratio problems or some type of hidden fluid leak. Getting the lowest mileage transmission is one of the keys to longevity and proper maintenance can help make used Stealth transmissions last for a very long time.

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap Pricing

When you need a low price, all you have to do is remember Remember also that we give pricing automatically through our quote system. The day or night does not matter. Quotes are easy to get here 24/7. We give phone assistance at 1-866-320-1182. We pay for the shipping, the phone call and the quote. What more could customers want from a transmission seller.

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