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Volvo 850 automatic transmission problems discussed.

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Question: My 1995 855T will not shift out of first when the car is cold. I am told i need a new transmission?
this just does not make sense
advice please

Possibilities: There is a bunch of info missing here. What is the climate and temperature like where you live and how cold does it have to get  to act up? The first thing to do anytime you experience a transmission problem is not to ask a bunch of people who probably know as much as you do on a forum. You are going to get bad advise from amateurs that most of the time exacerbates the problem and price. You may get into changing parts as many forum ‘experts’ suggest.

I would not be surprised if it was not even the transmission that directly is causing your problem. With that being said: It is all a total waste of money if the vehicle is not properly diagnosed by a professional transmission mechanic before starting any work, including a service. It amazes me how people will do anything to save money, even end up costing them more money in the end by not seeking out professional help.

You are going to have to suck it up and bite the bullet. Take it to a qualified transmission shop and pay for a diagnosis. You may be very surprised at what may be found. In many cases problems like yours are not actually the transmission, but a switch or input or computer ‘commanding‘ the transmission to work improperly. By not getting a simple problem fixed ASAP, you are leaving yourself open for a rebuilt transmission.

If you have a diagnosis performed and it can be proven that you need a rebuilt transmission, Call @ 866-320-1182. You will be greeted by a courteous specialist who will listen to your problem and help you choose the transmission that suits your best interests. The good part is that my representative will speak in terms you understand.