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Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmissions were originally made by the ZF AG Transmission company in Germany. Now Volvo transmissions are make in a combination effort with Aisin of Japan.

ZF AG, is also known as the ZF Group, and commonly called ZF. They are a worldwide supplier of drive-line and chassis components for cars and commercial vehicles.

Geartronic is Volvo’s trade name for its manual/automatic combination transmission, which is very similar to Porsche’s Tiptronic in design and operation. Also available in 5 and 6 speed models, and is controlled by an electronic super microprocessor and a slew of input and output sensors.

Manumatic refers to an automatic transmission, with some components of a manual transmission, meaning a gear can be manually selected instead of having the computer command the shifts. This early rudimentary design of the transmission was introduced in the 1990’s.

Different car manufacturers have different trade names for their for manumatic transmissions, such as: currently, Porsche is ‘tiptronic’, Volvo is ‘Geartronic’, Mercedes is ‘Touchshift’, Mitsubishi is ‘Sporttronic’.

Here is a list of Volvo Transmission from Wiki:
• Volvo AW70 transmission
• Volvo AW71 transmission
• Volvo AW72 transmission
• Volvo M30 transmission
• Volvo M40 transmission
• Volvo M400 transmission
• Volvo M410 transmission
• Volvo M41 transmission
• Volvo M45 transmission
• Volvo M46 transmission
• Volvo M47 transmission
• Volvo M50 transmission
• Volvo M51 transmission
• Volvo M56 transmission
• Volvo M58 transmission
• Volvo M59 transmission
• Volvo M66 transmission
• IB5
• MTX75
• MMT6
• Volvo M90 transmission
• Volvo ZF4HP22 transmission
• AW50-42 (4-speed automatic, FWD/AWD)
• AW55-50/51 (5-speed automatic, FWD/AWD)
• GM4T65EV/GT (4-Speed GM automatic, FWD/AWD)
• AWTF-80 SC (6-speed automatic, FWD/AWD)
• MPS6 (6-speed dual clutch Powershift, FWD)

That’s an awesome list of transmissions. Of course Volvo is an old name and many of the early transmissions would be collectors items. That does not mean the old units are not available, but we definitely get more calls for the newer units.

Fortunately, the specialists at have the proper training and experience to properly serve you. All you have to do is get your VIN [vehicle identification number], which is on your registration, and give us a call. We will outfit you with a used transmission or a rebuilt transmission, whichever serves your purposes and budget the best. We will also ship it within 24 hours to help get you back on the road.