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Volvo S40/V40/V50 Transmissions for Sale 2004 and Newer

The Volvo S40 is a small family car, with the ”S” meaning Saloon. The “V” in the V40 series stands for versatility/estate. The wagon became the V50 in 2004. Volvo transmissions have always been sturdy units, fitting characteristics for a car claimed to last long time and be safer than other cars.

It takes a full team effort to make a car like a Volvo. The chassis has to have solid integrity and good structure, the engine and transmissions have to the best components possible, or you are not selling what you are claiming. has got Volvo S40/V40/V50 Transmissions for Sale 2004 and Newer for less than the dealer by a mile.

The S40 and it’s relatives from 2004 and on use only a couple of transmission options. The car itself is built on the Volvo P1 platform, which is front engine, front wheel drive, all wheel drive car. The setup is termed Transverse. which means that the engine and transmission are both bolted together sideways under the hood.

Technically speaking, the transmissions is really a transaxle. A transaxle is a devise where the rear drive unit and the transmission assembly are in one common all aluminum case. Saves weight and fits in a smaller space. Nice design. The most common front wheel/all wheel drive setup on the market.

Here is the list of transmissions used from 2004 and up:
1. 5-speed manual
2. 6-speed manual
3. 5-speed Geartronic
4. 6-speed Geartronic

Geartronic is Volvo’s trade name for it’s manumatic transmissions. Similar to Porsche’s design, coming in 5 and 6 speed models. It’s a hybrid of sorts between a manual transmission and automatic. Designed for long life and extraordinary performance. Here is a description of manumatic and geartronic right here.

If you happen to be on the look for a transmission of this sort, has a terrific variety of transmissions for sale for said car. Make a choice from one of our fully transmissions, or a low mileage used transmission unit [if available]. No junk yard transmissions here.

So, to learn more about the subject and be able to make a solid decision, call one of my professionals, you will get an intelligent human being who will teach you how to choose the best transmissions for your Volvo S40. 866-320-1182. Remember, every transmission we sell has pure value built right into it, and all transmissions come with our peace of mind warranty.