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GM 4T65E Transmission for sale

GM 4T65E Transmission for sale

GM 4T65E Transmission for sale

Don’t be confused between a 4T65E and a 4L65E. The General motors 4T65E transmission for sale is for a front wheel drive car. The T stands for ‘transverse’, what that means in simple terms is that the engine is in the front and so is the transmission. It is mounted transversely to the axis of the car, which makes the engine and trans. go from side to side instead of front to back.

Technically we call it transaxle because it houses a transmission and rear differential assembly all in the same casing. Which is the most common and efficient way to make a front wheel drive car.

The L in 4L65E stands for ‘longitudinal’. That means the engine is in the front, and the rear axle is in the conventional area in the back, which requires a driveshaft [to the differential in the rear].. Longitudinal means the engine and transmission run north to south with the axis of the car, or more commonly put, front to back.

As far as I’m concerned the 4T65E is one heck of a good transmission. General Motors produced millions of them, it’s their standard front wheel drive transmission. They make a transaxle called the 4L80E, which is a super heavy duty [and expensive to rebuild] tranny that was only installed in cars like the Cadillac Northstar and Buick Aurora.

With the updates General Motors used to convert the 4L60E to the 4L65E, we have an excellent shifting and generally superb operating transmission that performs it’s functions right on time in a seamless manner. I’m a fan of it, they last a long time with proper maintenance, and are cost effective to replace when comparing it to certain other brands of cars with equivalent units.

I don’t get involved in specific applications since GM made so many variations of cars and said transmission. The team at GotEngines.com has all of that information carefully and accurately cataloged. Give one of them a shout and find out how many ways we can help you out. Our transmissions for sale are for the uncompromising individual who understands the best cost less in the long run. Call us now.

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