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2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

2008 Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission

2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

Dakota is sometimes referred to as the Ram Dakota due to similarities in construction. The 2008 models were released as part of the third generation of production in North America for the Dakota truck series. There are several gearboxes in use for the ND platform trucks in the Chrysler family. Got Transmissions provides an easy outlet to buy used 2008 Dodge Dakota transmissions for sale.

The two main motors used in the four-door Dakota trucks were PowerTech technologies. The 3.7 and 4.7 are both borrowed Jeep engines that were first installed by Chrysler in the early 1990s Jeep SUVs. Because these engines are similar in cubic inch size, there were few modifications to the gearboxes. The platforms that are used successfully in the 2008 year are the 42RLE, Getrag manual and 545RFE automatic editions.

Used Factory Transmissions for Dodge Dakota Trucks

Chrysler developed its own gearbox technologies for usage in the mid 2000 series trucks. The Ultradrive editions known as 42RLE have been used in most truck and SUV applications. These are four-speed configurations that provide the entry-level shifting required for V6 Dodge truck motors. The upgraded 5-speed models rely on the Chrysler RFE platform used strictly in Chrysler vehicles.

The factory transmissions for sale through this website do feature the outsourced Getrag 238 editions that require manual operation. These were used towards the tail end of the production of the Dakota. While there are 2008 trucks that use this edition, these have been reserved as add-ons for 2005 to 2011 Ram Dakota pickups. All styles of gearboxes for the late model trucks are priced and sold through this very website.

How to Buy 2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

Gearboxes that are an OEM replacement for the Club Cab, Crew Cab are now available for retail sale. This means no searching through deadbeat offline source to find auto parts for sale. The used transmissions inventory for the Dodge, Chrysler-Fiat brands on this website provides an authentic buying source. Requesting a quote using the tools provided on this page provides the first step of the buying process.

The Got Transmissions company supports lookups for Dodge transmission compatibility for any U.S. caller. The toll-free number established on this resource provides access to transmissions experts. Any used Dodge transmission buyer can find out pricing, MPG for compatible engines and what type of transmission fluid is needed for maintenance when calling. The 2008 Dakota transmissions support here is unmatched.

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