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Dodge Neon Transmission

Neon Transmission

Dodge, through its investments by Chrysler, introduced the Neon vehicle brand in 1993. This was one of the first compact cars in the Dodge brand in several years. Part of the marketing for this vehicle series centered around the quality of the parts used for production. The four-speed engines were paired with excellent transmissions produced by Chrysler and outsourced partners. is a reliable source to find Dodge Neon transmission builds in the U.S.

The Neon used a combination of gearboxes. The very first edition was the 31TH. This is a three-speed TorqueFlite model. These were the base model gearboxes until the larger four-speeds were introduced. Chrysler started to produce its own transmissions stating in 1989. The Ultradrive editions were modern versions of the older Torqueflite technologies. The 40TH was introduced as the four-speed automatic editions in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Neon Transmissions for Sale: Manual and Automatic

Dodge introduced a manual transmission in the five-speed configurations. These were outsourced through New Venture Gear. These T350 units can be hard to find although remain quite popular in some editions of the Neon. makes it a simple process to find manual and automatic transmissions. All of the prepared shipments that are sent to domestic buyers are sent out the same day as orders are received.

Although the Caliber ended up replacing the Neon, the transmissions that were used are still available. The late model 2005 builds of the 41TE are also available for sale here. Any person who has difficulty searching auction sites or other online sources to find used gearboxes for Dodge vehicles uses this website. The quality of the inventory mixed with affordable prices are two reasons why people use this U.S. resource.

Dodge Neon Transmission Price Quotes

Every build in stock through the Got Transmissions company is checked for errors. This means that any listed gearbox in the company inventory is in top shape. These are not junkyard finds that are near the end of their lifecycle. Every quote in price that is given out through this website is for an excellent build. The search tool right on this page is the sole source of finding in stock pricing.

Callers to the available transmissions hotline in the U.S. can get more information. This toll-free number is a new way to find out a little more about the Neon transmissions in stock. A company rep is always available to answer questions. The phone support that customers receive here is top quality. Any quote is price is individually prepared for every would-be buyer. Getting the lowest national pricing for a used Dodge Neon gearbox is the ultimate goal here.

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