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Dakota 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmissions

From 1997 to current models, the Dodge Dakota started to use a 4.7 liter engine in the lineup. This was in the second and third generation models. The automatic transmission used in the second gen. was a heavy duty 46RE 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission. Although the transmission was changed in the third generation Dakota, sells every year of Dodge Dakota 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Remanufactured Transmissions, at below cost.

1. The 46RE is a derivative of the TF518, it is nearly identical to the 42RLE except it is a smaller duty transmission for smaller trucks like the Dakota. The 46 RE is fully computerized.

The second generation was made from 1997 to 2004, just for the record, the third generation is still in production, beginning in 2005. The two automatic overdrive transmissions offered in the third gen. Dakota was;

1. 42RLE 4- speed automatic overdrive transmission. Originally called the 42E [transaxle], it was updated in 2003 to the 42RLE. It was updated to become a rear wheel drive transmission, more commonly known as a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle.

2. 545RFE 5-speed automatic overdrive transmission. This transmission is similar in almost every detail to the 42LE 4, except that it has 5 forward speeds. Used behind the 4.7L engine and the very powerful Hemi.

Although it seems confusing, it is a piece of cake to an experienced transmission professional. Transmissions can be confusing. With that thought stated, why not eliminate the complications and frustration often associated with transmission replacement.

Buying a remanufactured transmission can be easy and less frustration if you choose the right transmission supplier. Not all transmission suppliers are the same. We go out of our way to insure the re-manned transmissions we sell are prepared with the best parts on the market and the most experienced machining and labor available. Transmission technicians also go to training schools in order to keep them up to date and sharp.

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