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BMW 525i Transmissions for Sale

Another car made by BMW that uses a series of numbers and letter/s as identification, as opposed to an actual name badge. The Series 5 BMW, version [E34] is my subject today, or the model 525i. All you need to supply is the year and your VIN, if you are searching for rebuilt BMW 525i transmissions for sale. The VIN [vehicle identification number] is on your registration and tells us everything about your car.

Note: Do not mistake this BMW [ BMW5/525i] for a BMW M3. Nor is it the BMW Z3 model of which I have discussed also.

The 525i was manufactured from 1986 to 1996, the entire length of time BMW made the Series 5 cars [E34]. Four transmission options were offered in total, 2 standards and 2 automatic overdrives were offered in the 525i in the US.

The 525i used two automatic transmissions, both made by ZF; a 4 speed and a 5 speed version. And two manual shift transmissions made by Getrag. Also in a 5 speed and a 6 speed version.

The fact that both cars used five and six speed gearboxes suggests it is relativity modern. This vehicle is a rear wheel drive. An ordinary, conventional design for the most part, except for the 100% independent rear suspension.

Technically the setup is called a longitudinally mounted driveline. What that means is the engine is in front, and the transmission is mounted to the engine. With the drive axle in the rear, a drive-shat is needed. Thus we have a north to south engine – differential setup.

Generally speaking it is not a mistake to purchase a Beemer 525i, that is a planned buy. Nobody arbitrarily buys a 525i, anymore than I bought my Harley Davidson’s arbitrarily. The word passion comes to mind when I talk about automotive purchases such as the ones mentioned above. FYI: I also own a beauty of a 1970 911 Porsche [P Car].

Do you think I make my personal decisions on transmissions or transmission replacements arbitrarily? Ha. Every transmission I have purchased has been a calculated purchase. I either know the people intimately, or do plenty of research before we do business. Nothing but the best will do for my beauties. Nothing but the best.

It’s my opinion that BMW 525i owners share the same feelings I do. If said owner needs a replacement transmission, that person enters the search wanting only the finest. Saving money is important to 525i owners too, but quality is their overall goal. We know, nothing is less expensive than quality, that is a lot of the reason we buy special cars like Bimmer 525i, or a P Car.

For your information, there is nothing arbitrary about the way does business. Every automatic or manual transmission you choose from has been selected from the cream of the crop and is fully guaranteed to exceed your expectations, or more. What is more? More is our award winning customer service. More is we will ship or deliver within 24 hours. We offer More peace of mind and pure value with every BMW 525i rebuilt transmission for sale. Call

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