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Buy Mini Cooper Transmissions @ Affordable Prices

We are currently in the second model generation of the Mini, made by BMW. We know it as a cute, sporty, mini car with very attractive looks. Anyone can Buy Mini Cooper transmissions at affordable prices, everyday. Your reason for being here is probably to start the search for the proper company to do business with.

That is a reasonable concern. Locate the best company to buy your new, rebuilt or used Mini transmission from. That is a legitimate concern for the laymen. Most Mini owners are not mechanics, they just love to drive the cute little car, but generally have no clue about repairs. takes care of every aspect of buying a replacement transmission, thus making your experience a professional one and very satisfying for you. Confident you came to the place who sells knowledge and peace of mind with every transmission.

In the first generation Mini from; Mk 1 hardtop [2001-2006] and the Mk1 Convertible [2005-2008] came with 3 transmissions;
1. a CVT automatic transmissions,
2. a 5 speed manual transmissions
3. a six speed manual and 6 speed automatic transmission

Second generation models from 2007 and up used the 6 speed automatic overdrive transmission only.

Let me explain your transmission options briefly.
CVT is a special type of transmission in itself. Learn more about CVT here.
. A conventional manual 5 speed transaxle, and a
A conventional [modern] 6 speed automatic overdrive transmission.

The most important part of the process is calling and allowing our specialized representatives explain the different benefits between transmissions, remanufactured transmissions, crate transmissions and a low mileage certified used transmission.

We look forward to providing the education you need to decide which one is in your best interests. Call now. The best transmissions cost less in the long-run, see some of our testimonials. Don’t forget, the Mini is made by BMW and uses BMW transmissions.

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