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Chrysler A618 Transmissions for Sale

The A618 is an automatic overdrive transmission made by Chrysler Corporation for large SUV’s and their Ram truck lineup. The first automatic overdrive made by Chrysler, it was introduced in the early ’90’s. Because the owners of said vehicles are very loyal, we get requests for Chrysler A618 Transmissions for sale every day.

Our top sellers are the rebuilt A618 transmissions. My experience with owners of the Dodge-Chrysler vehicles with said transmissions is that they are very satisfied with their product and want to keep their vehicles for another extended period of time. Once we present a price for a fully remanufactured A618 transmission with a remanufactured torque converter, most our clients are satisfied, since the price turns out to be less than their expectations.

The A618 is called a Torqueflight, which is Chrysler’s trade name for automatic transmissions. It is partly old school hydraulic and part new school with full computerization. Essentially it an excellent blend of new and not so new technology. Structurally it is an extra strong transmission capable of pulling heavy loads and taking a beating. As long as you keep the transmission fluid well maintained with the right ATF [automatic transmission fluid], the odds are good this transmission will last a long time under stressful situations.

Unfortunately, not all last that long. But most of our customers boast of simply wearing their transmission out, with lots of hard work and plenty of miles on it.

With that being said, our transmissions sell themselves. As it turns out, Dodge and Chrysler owners are not stupid and most of them use their trucks for some sort of work. Maybe not full time commercial work, but weekend things like hauling the boat to the dock or pulling a horse trailer. Our customers want reliability and affordability.

It’s my opinion nobody wants to buy an inferior product, and most people don’t knowingly look for an inferior product. The best way to get a superior rebuilt transmission is to buy from one of the most respected transmission suppliers in the country. We manufacture peace of mind into every transmissions we sell.

Because our product is so thoroughly rebuilt, our transmissions offer pure value and complete confidence to our customers. Call one of our trained staff members and find out more about how to choose the best rebuilt transmission for your interests. An educated consumer makes the best decisions. Allow to help you solve you problem fast and afford-ably. Call Now.

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