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Mitsubishi Transmission Problems and Solutions..

It seems the Mitsubishi line of transmissions has an extensive list of problems. I can attest to that since I have been on the repair and rebuilding side of transmissions for over 30 years. 26 years as a shop owner and operator. I stay up to date on transmissions because I enjoy writing, fixing and helping people out with transmission problems.
Below is one of the many transmission complaints, and what seems to be a typical Mitsubishi response:

I purchased a 1996 Mitsubishi Gallant from Rick Case Mitsubishi, which had about 15,000 miles on it. In June of 2001, I had a flywheel replaced, which cost me close to $1,000. But still, this is not the reason I am complaining.

The transmission in my vehicle is gone, leaving my car inoperable. The odometer only reads 50,216. I do not feel that a car with so few miles should have such a major problem. I have done everything required to maintain the condition of my Gallant, such as routine oil changes, wheel alignments, transmission fluids, etc. Ive called Rick Case Mitsubishi with this complaint and was told that I am one year too late to complain. In other words, if the transmission had went out in 2001, they would have repaired it. But now it will cost me approximately $3,000.

I purchased a Mitsubishi Gallant based on advertisements, which indicated that in 1997 or 98, it was the best selling car and I desperately needed a reliable vehicle. After talking with past and present Mitsubishi owners, I have learned that they too have had problems with their transmissions.

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In a situation like this, about the only thing one can do is bite the bullet and buy a good used transmission or a rebuilt transmission that has been upgraded to eliminate the wealth of problems with these transmissions. When I owned my shop, which I sold 3.5 years ago, never did a Mitsubishi transmission, or any rebuilt transmission leave my shop without the most current updates.

When we were too busy and needed a replacement transmission in a hurry, we always purchased our rebuilt Mitsubishi transmissions from There was no question in my mind that they were properly updated after speaking with the representatives at, but the proof was in the extended guarantee and the fact we never had even the slightest issue with any transmission we purchased from them. Another bonus was the cost, prices were unbeatable. I don’t shop by price, I shop for quality, when you get both from one company, why call anyone else. Trust me, call 866-320-1182.

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