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2000 Mitsubishi Transmissions

Know What Buy Mitsubishi Transmission To Buy?

Know What Buy Mitsubishi Transmission To Buy?

Well, an distant acquaintance of mine gave a friend of his my phone number (he had no right to do that either) because I am a transmission rebuilder, been doing it for over 35 years before I sold my shop in 2004. I write about transmissions now, I sold the business 4 years ago.

So it goes something like this. The Mitsubishi transmission allegedly failed in his kids 2000 Mitsubishi. I don’t remember the model now. Well now, Mr. I Built A Transmission Once (IRATO) never tied to diagnose this transmission, he decided to take it out of the car and fix it. He was a mechanic!

During the process of taking it out, one of his helpers jacked it up on the transmission case and cracked the case, so now they had to go to a local junk yard and buy a junk used transmission, I use the word junk yard because it’s junk, and cheap. The idea was to change cases. If you don’t have any idea about a particular transmissions interchangeability, ask someone who is an expert first. Or buy the appropriate information.

Because, you can’t simply arbitrarily change transmission cases without matching the transmissions up perfectly, Guys like Mr. IRATO get in deep trouble. Apparently he rebuilt a transmission once, which makes him an expert. He has a few tools and has disassembled both transmissions using the best parts from both units to try and make one workable transmission. That does not work well with transmissions.

He reinstalled the transmission and of course it does not work properly. I’m sure other than not assembling it properly, he has some mismatched parts now. Swapping pumps or valve bodies is a sure way to endless problems, especially if you don’t have an instruction manual, which he does not.

So he called me yesterday, and told me this story. I asked him at least half a dozen times if he diagnosed it. Every time he said ”no, but I did this… or that”. Well he almost had it removed again when he called me, so making any sense with this guy was like spitting in the wind.

Since he would not stop talking and I really needed to get rid of this guy, I interrupted him and told him this. ”I will come over and look at your transmission tomorrow”. My intention is to go over there and take a look and tell him this in a serious manner.

1. You don’t have any idea what you are doing. Since this is a computerized transmission, we can’t even diagnose it because you removed it from the best testing machine of all, the car.

2. Now that you have disassembled it and used parts from another transmission, we have no idea what parts are mismatched now.

3. If you had a stomach ache, and you went to a doctor, and he only looked at you, no examination, and then exclaimed ”we need to do major surgery”. Would you buy into his vibe? Of course not. It may be indigestion.

As far as I’m concerned he can put the transmission back in the car and let me diagnosis it for repair, or he can call and buy the exact match replacement used transmission and install it himself. He put himself in a spot where he does not have enough money for me to work on it. Anyway I had major shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago, and I’m not rebuilding anybodies transmission for a few more months. Seek professional help and save money and prevent getting a big headache, Call 866-320-1182.

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