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Allison Transmissions: 1000 Series Six-Speed Automatic Transmission

Allison Transmissions For Sale

Allison Transmissions For Sale

Allison Transmissions, a manufacturer of commercial duty automatic transmissions. Allison transmissions are made up of ten different modules. A module is an isolated component/section of the transmission. There is a torque converter module which is used to multiply torque. The torque converter housing module which is simply just a casing around the torque converter. The control module which is the brains of the transmission. The front support/charging pump module which supports the front of the transmission. The Rotating Clutch Module which is a series of rotating clutches used to engage gears. The rear cover module and the main shaft module are self explanatory they are the rear cover and main shaft of the transmission. The P1 and P2 planetary module are the gears of the transmission. Last there is the main housing module which is the main casing of the transmission.

The heavy-duty, available Allison 1000 Series six-speed automatic transmission is a GM exclusive.(1) This renowned transmission delivers state-of-the-art features, including:

One of many GMC transmissions heavy-duty truck-exclusives: Tap-Up/Tap-Down driver shift control feature on the gear shift lever that allows the driver to manually select upshifts and downshifts with the simple push of a button

  • Auto-Grade Braking — a feature you won’t find on heavy-duty trucks from Dodge(2) — that automatically downshifts to help slow the truck when the driver applies the brakes while descending long, steep grades.
  • Cruise control — maintain a constant speed during travel over mountainous terrain without the driver ever having to touch the brakes
  • Shift stabilization to help reduce shift busyness when driving on mountainous terrain
  • Shares many of the same load-carrying components found in Chevy medium-duty commercial truck transmissions
  • Heavy-duty park pawl

Mainly used in Motorhomes ans midsized HD commercial vehicles, most of the major manufacturers have switched from the light truck transmissions to the heavy duty Allison transmissions for much added durability and better gear range selection by the computerized control system to provide better fuel mileage as well. Call @ 1-887-268-0664 and speak with a specialist about one of our rebuilt Allison transmissions. We put our Allison transmissions through the most rigorous testing procedure in the industry to make sure it performs flawlessly in relation to your vehicle exactly.

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