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Rebuilt Audi TT Transmissions for Sale

When the TT model was introduced by Audi in 1998, it filled a void for a 2 door sports car, with above average performance standards at an affordable cost for such a car. One of the things I really like about it is the choice of transmissions Audi made. has rebuilt Audi TT transmissions for sale, and we are your authority for any transmission information you may need. Using some Porsche transmissions in certain models, you know they are built to perform.

The first generation of Audi TT used what can be termed as close to a conventional transmission as standard equipment. It was before the boom in multi-multi-forward gears began, with special computer programs installed in the transmission brain center for more versatility for your driving enjoyment. Although there are no slouch transmissions here, towards the end of the Generation 1 TT’s [1998 to 2006], the Tiptonic [Porsche] was made available.

The other hi tech transmission offered toward the end of the Gen 1 production was the 6 speed DSG in the 3.2 liter engine models only. DSG stands for Direct-Shift Gearbox. Which has an electronically controlled clutch, and is a combination of the best parts of an automatic transmission and a manual transmission. Thus called a manumatic transmission.

Second Generation Audi TT model 8J was equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission, or a choice of a 6 speed Tiptonic transmission or the 7 speed Tiptoinic in the RS models only. This is some serious equipment now. Pure racing equipment, toned down a hair.

Tiptonic is called a manumatic transmission too. A combination of an automatic transmission and manual. Developed by Porsche, you automatically know it’s a top line transmission, capable of anything you can dish out.

With that thought in mind, we still get calls for Audi TT transmissions. Usually older models, which have worn out the transmissions. Simply put, it’s unusual for one of these transmissions to have a premature failure for no apparent reason.

Regardless of the reason you need a replacement transmission for your Audi TT, buy a remanufactured transmission from the only company that builds pure value right into every transmission, and proves it with our peace of mind warranty. Call right now for detailed transmission information and a free price quote.

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