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Daewoo Automatic Transmission Supplier

Daewoo is a Korean car Company. It was purchased in 2001 by General Motors, now known as GM Daewoo. First introduced in America in 1995, it was poorly received, until GM purchased it and re-marketed it. In the U.S., Daewoo sold the Nubira, Lanos and Leganza models. As a Daewoo Automatic Transmission Supplier, has Daewoo transmissions for sale everyday at fair prices.

Only one manual transmission was made available, the other US models used several different automatic transmissions.The Lanos used a GM transmission,[or transaxle] called the 4T40-E. The Leganza 4 cylinder used a transmission called the AW50-40LE, and the Nubria used a GM model called the 4T4.

The 4T40-E and 4T4 are both very common General Motors automatic overdrive transmission, used exclusively for years in nearly every light duty front wheel drive car GM made. It only fits front wheel drive cars that use a transverse mounting system. These transmissions are of 4 forward gears plus an electronically activated lock up torque converter.

The 4T40-E is a light duty fully computerized conventional type transaxle using compound planetary gears, multiple clutch packs, 2 bands and a torque converter. It can also be called a transaxle because the differential drive and transmission assembly are both in the same aluminum housing, which weighs less and is smaller than two separate components. As in a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle.

Our transmissions are prepared like no one else does. Every unit gets the latest and most reliable updated parts. We also use a better quality clutch plate called ‘hi-energy frictions’, made by Raybestos. Every bearing is replaced by name brand “Torrington” bearings, made in the USA. All of this performed in super clean transmission rebuilding rooms by the best technicians.

The AW50-40LE is made by Aisn Warner Company. It is a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission as well with a lockup torque converter. I don’t know why it was used in the Leganza except that the Leganza is a larger car, and this is a larger transmission.

My experience with Daewoo is limited, and most people in the auto industry have limited experience as well. The most well informed people I know of are at Their jobs are to know the products they sell and be able to help you understand anything you need to know in terms that make sense. Which is always in your best interest.

Make the call about your Daewood transmission needs. Dial 866-320-1182 now and talk to a level headed expert. Allow us to council you on your best replacement transmission choice. In case you are interested, sells rebuilt, transmissions, remanufactured transmissions, used transmissions, JDM transmissions and crate transmissions at affordable everyday prices.

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