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1999 Chevy Lumina Transmissions for Sale

chevy lumina transmission

1999 Chevy Lumina Transmissions for Sale

The Lumina gained its popularity in the late 1980s as one of the new builds in the General Motors company. The sedan style of the Lumina helped set the pace for future production in the passenger vehicle lineup. The strength of this class of vehicles was helped by quality gearboxes. The Got Transmissions company supplies 1999 Chevy Lumina transmissions for sale at prices well below retail.

There are two types of automatic transmissions used for the Lumina vehicles in the U.S. market. The first build used was the trusted 4L60E. This series has been the most faithful for GM over the past 25 years. The upgrade to the 4T65E units was offered towards the end of the Lumina production in the 2001 year. Buyers of replacement gearboxes have more than one choice using this Internet resource to find inventory for sale.

Late 1990s Lumina Transmissions: V6 Engine Compatible

The two different gearbox builds were meant to be compatible with the various V6 engines selected for Chevy Lumina cars. The 3.1 entry-level motor and the larger 3.8 editions are often used alongside the automatic transmissions due to performance. The history of the Lumina would not be complete without mention of the reliability of the auto gearboxes produced by General Motors.

The 2001 cease of production for the Lumina has complicated the second hand auto parts market. Not every retailer has the capability to find quality stock that is resold to the public. Buying a used Lumina transmission online is not easy for some consumers. has created its public resource to overview the history of GM transmissions and introduce a low price point to the public.

How to Buy Used Chevy Lumina Transmissions Online

A simplistic process of price review and purchasing exist through this helpful resource. Being a first-time or multiple purchase customer can still bring a level of difficulty at the point of sale. The ways to buy a transmission through this resource offers a prompt method for U.S. consumers. The quotation system for used gearboxes presented on this page is the first step for most buyers.

Getting immediate assistance for 4L60E or 4T65E transmissions can be helpful to the purchase decision process. A staff awaits all callers through the toll-free number in place for customer service here. These professionals provided seven days a week support for all information requests. The lowest price points possible are supplied for all second hand General Motors transmissions promoted here at Got Transmissions.

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