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Used Chevy Aveo 6T40 Transmission

In the year 2008, General Motors started producing its 6T40 gearboxes. A range of Chevy and Buick vehicles received this new 6-speed model. The transverse design made it best for installation into smaller frame vehicles. A car parts buyer who is ready to buy a used Chevy Aveo 6T40 transmission online can find a good supply of inventory and sale pricing here.

The Malibu was the vehicle type tested for national production of the 6T40. The installations were made into the Aveo during the 2011 year. Because of the update from the 4T45 series, GM opted to add 2 extra gears plus reverse to improve assembly shifting. The 1.8 engine is the most common pairing of the 6-speed and 4-cylinder setup.

Different Aveo Transmissions Available

Not every Aveo in the Chevy lineup used the 6T40. Someone who has a 1.4-liter vehicle engine might need to buy a 6T30. There is little difference between the models although smaller engines are generally matched with the T30 units. What is featured on this used inventory website is all 5 and 6-speed assemblies. The F17 and M32 are manual units that can be ordered.

The 6T40 is an automatic transmission. A process known as clutch to clutch shifting eased use of the clutch components. Overuse of the electric components can lead to failure in vehicles that do not have such GM technology. There is a heavy-duty build known as the 6T45 that is now featuring in Chevy vehicles built after the year 2011 in the USA.

Problems with 6T40 Transmissions

Some people have reported issues with shifting that could be caused by a computer issue. Higher RPM shifting has been known to be a defect in some earlier control modules. If a gearbox is shifting rough, a change of the fluid could eliminate fragments that usually get caught up in automatic assemblies. A solenoid failure can happen to any General Motors unit that uses electronic torque control. Every unit displayed on this website is free from having known errors.

Second Hand Aveo Transmission Prices

When mileage is known and parts are certified against breakage, another important part of the buying puzzle can be solved once the price is discovered. The secondary market provides some opportunities for adults to reduce Chevy car parts expenses. What Got Transmissions provides is a direct method of searching inventory taken from working vehicles. This helps keeps the price low.

A complete inventory tool that is adjusted weekly is available to use. Why not save money? Someone buying from the same old shops could save more. The comparison tool here is great. Enter the year. Enter the make. What comes out is a great price.

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