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Chevy Caprice 4L60 Transmission

The 700R4 gearbox was first manufactured by General Motors in 1982. Originally built for fuel economy, this assembly quickly gained steam as one of the top builds available for cars and light trucks. This unit is well-liked for its compatibility with almost every engine type. The Caprice is one of the many vehicles that has successfully been paired with the 700R4. Someone seeking a Chevy Caprice 4L60 transmission for sale will appreciate the assemblies on this website.

A new naming convention took place in the 1990s and GM changed the 700R4 to the 4L60. The lock up torque converters have helped popularize this gearbox, it was the later upgrades that came by way of technology that superseded previous success rates. The TV cables used to distribute controls in the 4L60 are not used in the E series units. The electronic solenoid is not found in any builds of the 700R4 or 4L60.

Automatic Overdrive Caprice Transmission

The one thing that car owners appreciate about the Caprice is the different motors used during its production run. While the 4L60 was one gearbox used, it is the direct compatibility with the V8 blocks that most people like. Not all automakers take great care in supplying lasting technology in automotive parts. The overdrive transmission is still used by GM although the Caprice has been discontinued.

One way for a person to determine the quality of a preowned transmission before checking out with a retailer is to inquire about mileage counts. Many 4L60 transmissions were built to surpass the 100,000 mark. Because of this manufacturing feat, most of the units that are still in working condition and retailed on the web have varying mileage counts.

Best 4L60 Used Transmission Prices

For some people, the ability to buy at a discount is just not possible. Regardless of the year of a Chevrolet Caprice, it can still be hard to find out the true cost of a transmission swap. The variance in web dealer pricing can create confusion for some people. has removed many of the blocks in information that someone experiences when searching the Internet for quality inventory.

A more precise and highly accurate warehouse tool is installed for daily use on this portal. What is achieved through continued usage of this system is a quote in price and a way to make an online purchase. The best pricing for gearboxes that have been acquired through various sources is found using this system. From free shipping to a longer warranty period, taking care of consumers who swap Chevrolet gearboxes is what we do.

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