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Used Colorado Transmission 4L60E

1992 was the first year of release for the replacement of the 700R4 gearbox. The new model, known as the 4L60E, was expected to lead the automatic transmissions market at General Motors. The update to the turbo-hydramatic units proved to be a success and thousands of vehicles have used the 4L60E technology. Buying a used Colorado transmission 4L60E unit from this website is completely hassle-free for U.S. consumers.

A change to the transmission codes was just the beginning for General Motors in the early 1990s. The actual pattern of the solenoid was change to provide different on or off patterns. This is evident in the 4L60E and subsequent models. The Colorado is just one of the newer trucks in the GM lineup that continues to use this cutting-edge automative manufacturing technology.

4WD Gearboxes and Engine Combinations

There are five separate engines that have been used to power the Colorado truck series after it replaced the S10. The smallest is the 2.8 and the 2.9 editions. A V8 option was included when the 3.5 and 3.7 were offered to truck owners. The thing that has not changed is the electronic shift control. Between 2004 and 2010, the 4L60E has been the accepted choice as the number Colorado gearbox type available.

When buying used GM/Chevy transmissions, a person can often have questions about life expectancy of each component. The initial warranties for most transmissions are up to 75,000 miles although many truck owners get more mileage than that out of their vehicles. What it takes is not modifying the gearbox with a shift kit and making sure the solenoid is in working order.

Chevy Colorado 4L60E Transmission Problems

One reported problem is that due to the lack of a reverse gear the clutch assembly can wear down. Debris can form in the opening and cause intermittent shifting problems. Some truck owners have reported direct problems with the throttle position sensor. While some people choose to have a transmission rebuilt, buying one in used condition that has been validated as a good unit is helpful.

Where to Buy Preowned 4L60E Transmissions has been the source of thousands of satisfied truck owners over the past decade in America who buy replacement gearboxes online. The low price, free of charge warranty and expedited shipping are some of the reasons people visit this website to buy replacement auto components. A direct price of any used Colorado truck transmission can be obtained while accessing the warehouse inventory finder at the top of this page.

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