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Used Daewoo Lanos Transmission

The benefits of partnering with General Motors helped the Daewoo company to reach new markets in the U.S. The industry demand for subcompact vehicles remains strong although finding parts for out of production cars can still present a challenge to consumers. Got Transmissions provides one of the only reliable resources to find used Daewoo Lanos transmission inventory online.

Daewoo provided the nameplate while General Motors provided a lot of the internal design for the Lanos. Some of the most successful GM cars built in the 1990s were modeled for the Lanos. Both 3-door and 5-door hatchback designs were common along with manual and automatic vehicle transmissions. Two assemblies were the most common to find inside of Daewoo vehicles co-produced by GM.

Lanos 4T40E Automatic Transmissions

GM licensed its MN4 gearbox for all Daewoo vehicles produced until 2005. There are four gears that are featured inside of the 4T40 assemblies although there are alternate sprocket components. All 1999 to 2002 Lanos cars feature the automatic transmission although subsequent vehicle brands did feature the ZF gearbox. The 4T40 was manufactured in Canada for the duration of its life.

Opel technology was used to power the Lanos vehicle because of the direct compatibility with the GM transmissions. The E-TEC engine in 1.5 and 1.6 displacement was the most solid arrangement for Daewoo vehicles. Someone who will be swapping a Lanos transmission with a used one will find that there are no compatibility issues.

Are There 4T40 Transmission Problems?

There have been issues that relate to overheating due to faulty cooling systems in Daewoo vehicles. A regular schedule of consumer maintenance is what prevents many problems from appearing in the first place. Because GM transmissions are electronic, there is always risk of a solenoid failure. Clutch problems including the sprague clutch have happened although these issues have been corrected.

Where to Buy Used Daewoo Lanos Transmissions

Got Transmissions provides the shopping resource that the average person will find useful. Because the 4T40 gearbox is no longer produced, finding one that is in better than certified condition is crucial. The very inventory that is being promoted on this website has passed all tests for quality and all gear ratios have been validated. The electronic control and torque system are included at the time of purchase.

A toll-free ordering line or information line is offered to consumers who use this website to buy. A used transmission automatic search tool is also provided as a way of displaying the current price scheme for every make and model in stock on the web. Using any of these methods will immediately deliver price and delivery estimates.

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