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Why is Our Rebuilt Dodge TF 604 Transmission a Better Value?

Aha, I’m glad someone finally asked that question. First off, the TF 604 [which will be referred to as the 604] was one of the most popular transmissions Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth or Mopar [All Chrysler products are nicknamed Mopar] ever made. All of the above related companies made good use of it. Let me tell you: why is Our Rebuilt Dodge TF 604 a Better Value?

First off, this is front wheel drive transmission only. Used extensively in the Chrysler lineup. Technically termed a ‘transverse mounting” system, it is used by nearly every car manufacturer in “their own” form nowadays. Technically, this is called a transaxle. What that means is the transmission and differential are all packaged in the same case, thus saving weight and space.

The 604 was a unique design of sorts. And, very often designs such as this take a few years to iron out the bugaboos. I don’t think Dodge meant to use the public as guinea pigs, but a lot of folks were less than happy with the umpteen premature transmission failure that occurred right after warranty time expired.

Well, most of the problem was due to calibration problems, not so much parts problems, although, there are many updated and improved parts used in the Rebuilt 604 transmission we offer. Obviously using the newest designed parts is of critical importance to your success, but the real difference maker is how WE recalibrate the shifts and lubrication circuit.

Using an accredited update kit, the brain of the transmission [valve body] is reworked to allow for cleaner and crisper shifts. Then the entire lubrication system is reworked for more ATF [automatic transmissions fluid: USE genuine Mopar ATF+4 only] flow and keeping the ATF cooler. Finally, the lock up torque converter circuit is reworked to get rid of the “shudder” or “washboard” feeling so many folks have experienced, right before a failure.

BTW, we also include a remanufactured torque converter with the job. Let me ask you this? Are you interested in a better 604, that is very affordable and will last a lot longer than your original unit, not to mention work better? You should be. Our transmissions are the best value you will run across.

Do me a favor, call and find out how affordable it is to get you ride back on the road with pure confidence and an iron clad guarantee. Ask any of the tough questions you have on your mind. That’s why we employ intelligent reps.

Call now and allow us to council you on the best rebuilt Dodge transmission 604 on the market. 866-320-1182. “Where our customers send their friends”

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