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Remanufactured/Rebuilt Dodge 46RE Transmissions For Sale

From 1998 to 2001 Dodge made an overdrive transmission called the 46RE. It is of the Torqueflight family of Chrysler transmissions. A legendary line of modern automatic transmissions brought out about 1960. The RWD overdrive series includes many more automatic transmissions using electronic functions and lots of forward gears.

Everyone one of the predecessors to the 46RE and the units built after them too are of similar design. They have progressively added more electronics and computer commands as they became modernized. The R stands for rear wheel drive, and the E stands for electronic. When you are searching for Remanufactured/Rebuilt 46RE Transmissions For Sale, make sure you have your registration handy.

My reasoning for buying a remanufactured transmission as opposed to an other variation of the 46RE is to eliminate the reason it may have failed, thus giving you a stronger, better shifting and longer lasting unit. We do not perform ordinary remanufacturing jobs. Find out what the difference is by calling 866-320-1182 now.

Believe it or not, not every company thinks the same way when it comes down to brass tacks. Some companies are happy if the transmission makes it out of warranty, they don’t care how long it lasts. That may not be an indicator of the quality, as opposed to selling a properly rebuilt unit for what it’s worth. But usually cheap prices mean a poorly refreshed transmission.

To make this huge, over engineered transmission into what it was supposed to be requires some subtle and proven updates. Most of the improvements are from recalibrating the quality and timing of the transmission shifts, major lubrication updates and rerouting of the torque converter lock up circuit for positive engagement.

Because this transmission has such solid integrity and structure, the updates are inexpensive and keep the quality of our products above and beyond the competitions. Obviously when you spend the money to replace a transmission, you want the best deal. The best deal in replacement transmissions is not the least expensive one. It’s the one that gives you the most trouble free miles.

If you have any more questions concerning the 46RE transmission for Dodge Ram pickup trucks, call the specialists at and learn more about the difference between the meaning of the words rebuilt and remanufactured. You will be surprised.

Everyone of our remanufactured transmissions comes with pure value inside it. Call 866-320-1182 right now. Our iron clad guarantee is proof of the confidence we have in our products. Experience our world class customer service. Buying a transmission has nerve been easier. Call us now.

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