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Remanufactured Mopar 46RE Transmissions for Rams Trucks

Remanufactured Mopar 46RE Transmissions for Rams Trucks

In 1998 Mopar-Dodge made big improvements to the overdrive transmission called 46RE. It is one of the Torqueflight transmissions family members. A legendary line of modern day automatic transmissions brought out circa 1960. This is an overdrive trans, which includes many more automatic transmissions with electronic function and lots of forward gears.

Everyone one of the early designs, and the units built after them are of similar design. They have had to add more electronics and input controls as they became more up to date and computerized. The R stands for rear wheel drive, and the E stands for electronic. When you are looking for Remanufactured Mopar 46RE Transmissions for Rams Trucks at everyday low pricing, call 866-320-1182. make sure you have your registration handy, it has the VIN [vehicle identification number] on it.

A good reason for purchasing a remanufactured transmission as opposed other variations of the 46RE is because eliminating the reasons why it may have failed is part of the deal, thus giving you a stronger, better shifting and longer lasting unit. Our transmissions exceed all expectations.

Not every transmission supply company thinks the same way when it comes down to it. Some companies are happy if the transmission makes it out of warranty, they don’t care how long it lasts. That is not an indicator of the quality. It is a matter of selling a properly rebuilt unit for what it’s worth. But usually cheap prices mean a poorly remanned transmission.

Making this very large, over-engineered transmission into what it was supposed to be requires some subtle and proven techniques. The largest improvements come from recalibrating the quality and timing of the transmission shifts, making major lubrication updates and rerouting of the torque converter lock up circuit for perfect and smooth engagement.

Because this transmission has such solid integrity and structure, the updates are inexpensive and keep the quality our products above and beyond your expectations. Obviously when you spend the money to replace a transmission, you want the best price. The best deal in replacement transmissions is not the least expensive one. It’s the one that gives you the most trouble free miles.

If you have any more questions concerning the 46RE transmission for Dodge Ram pickup trucks, call the specialists at When I buy something I’m not familiar with, that may cost a lot of money, I want to speak to someone who can help out.

Take advantage of a great value. A value where the amount of miles to cost that you get out of our replacement transmissions is almost nothing in the long run. You owe it to yourself to call. Our customer service is outstanding and we offer iron clad guarantees. Call 866-320-1182 now.

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