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Ford Escort Transmission

escort transmission

Ford introduced its Escort compact vehicles in the 1981 year. The U.S. market benefited from these fuel efficient cars. The entire production life of the Escort lasted 22 years. The quality of these vehicles was made possible due to good quality Ford parts. The Got Transmissions website is a trusted resource to find in stock Ford Escort transmission builds for U.S. shipments.

Like most Ford vehicles, there were mixtures of automatic and manual builds in the Escort. Ford selected special gearboxes to fit inside of these vehicles due to the smaller engine sizes. The 1.9L engine block was selected for the entire run of the Escort. The very first gearbox inputted into this brand was the ATX model in three-speed design. These early Ford builds set off a chain reaction in development to help control shifting for all vehicle users.

Used Escort Transmissions: Ford and Mazda Designs

Ford had a close partnership with Mazda for more than 20 years. The entire production schedule for the Escort made it possible to feature many Mazda parts. The five-speed gearbox design installed in the middle of the 1980s was a Mazda build. This edition stayed with the Escort until its termination in 2003. The upgrade to the early three-speed editions was the MTXII. These were improved in 1991 when the F4EAT was used.

How many miles is normal for a transmission? There are vehicle owners who have hundreds of thousands and those who have less than a hundred thousand. The mileage count is only one indicator of gearbox quality. All used Ford transmissions on this resource are validated for actual mileage. This helps to inform would-be buyers about the internal and external gearbox quality. Every person who requests a price quote is given the mileage and other essential information.

Ford Escort Transmission Price Quotes

A price quote is more than a number here. While every quote is designed to be informative, a lot of information is given to customers. There are few dealers of vintage Ford transmissions left in the U.S. The modern or classic types for the Escort that are offered at Got Transmissions are always quoted in price. This provides every buyer with the needed data to buy with confidence.

The quotes system on this page includes a way to generate a price. Every online user of this website is in control of the price distribution. Finding out how little an Escort transmission costs is also possible by phone. The phone support that is provided for all auto parts in stock is helpful. Every person who has questions or is concerned with mileage counts can call in advance. A support team delivers all pricing instantly. Locating a used Escort transmission is quite simple here online.

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