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What is a transmission brake? Not a broken transmission.

An automatic transmission trans-brake for Ford Transmissions such as the C-6 is a modified or aftermarket valve body which puts the trans into first gear, and reverse gear at the same time. This is accomplished in part by supplying 12 volts to the valve body by a relay or solenoid. As long as power is supplied to the valve body the vehicle will not move. This allows the engine to be brought up to a higher rpm than what is possible when “foot brake” racing.

When the brake is engaged, there is no torque being applied to the drive-shaft, so the suspension is also in an unloaded state. When electrical current is removed from the brake, the reverse component of the trans is released, and torque is applied to the drive-shaft very abruptly. This shocks the tires harder, more like what a manual transmission car does when the clutch is released. Since the trans-brake is controlled by applying an electrical current, it is also the preferred method of controlling when the car launches when using delay boxes and other modern drag race electronics.

Transmission brakes are available for most of the American high performance cars on the road. It is an item basically for drag racing. I wanted to give a brief description of how a transmission brake works after writing a post on transmissions for sale the other day. sells transmissions more suitable for cars that are used on the road for normal purposes or trucks and work vehicles. Our transmissions are well rebuilt and upgraded in every way, except for a brake assembly. What ever reason you came across our site, remember that can supply you with one of our replacement transmissions that is in your best interests. Call us @ 866-320-1182.

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