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Buy 5L50 Transmissions Used

The M22 code refers to the newer 5L50E transmission at GM. This assembly was used in Cadillac cars starting in the year 2004. As a reliable electronically controlled gearbox, the 5-speed can be purchased on the second hand market. Consumers hoping to find the best way to buy 5L50 transmissions used inventory can find all products on this website.

Classic M22 Rock Crusher Gearbox

In the late 1960s, GM was the premier builder of muscle cars in the United States. The success of the Muncie transmissions were a big part of promoting better shifting to the masses. The original M20 design was carried over into a better design coined the Rock Crusher in the drag racing world. A larger gear set and upgraded components made the new build very stable.

General Motors recycled many of its older gearbox identification numbers in the early 2000s. The M22 is now known as the 5L50E in modern automotive language. While the roots of the original design are still there, many new vehicles are getting a taste of what the Muncie 4-gear and 5-gear transmissions can really do.

Used M22 Transmission Specs

The late model manufacturing has turned the 5-speed 5L50E into an automatic edition. The original Rock Crusher gearbox was a manual controlled box. The longitudinal units that have been found in Pontiac, Saturn, Holden and BMW vehicles were all modern designs. A person who is visiting this website for the first time can still buy an M22 transmission for sale here.

The gear ratio for the 5L50 is listed as 3.42, 2.21, 1.60, 1.00, 0.75 and a reverse gear. GM kept the heavy duty power level in the brand new design to please fans of the older style. Swapping out a unit that is defective for one that is in used condition does take some time. Selecting the right model is the key to keep the replacement cost cheaper than MSRP at a dealership.

Prices for Preowned GM Gearboxes

PTG does have a pretty sophisticated price module that anyone can tap into while browsing this website. A person who is interested in more than the history of the Muncie transmission will find a lot of good data on this website. In terms of performance, every model that can be purchased when found here online is certified. This means a mechanic or trained professional has made an assessment that all parts are in working condition.

To find the best sale prices offered, a fast search of what is in the base warehouse can happen on this page. It will take a model number, RPO code or other identifier in order to review discount pricing. When this data is supplied, a person has access to the salvage gearboxes for automobiles that are on display and shippable.