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Need a Replacement Used Hyundai Genesis Transmission for Sale?

The Hyundai Genesis is practically a brand new car. It was just introduced in the 2008 model year, for the first time. It seems inconceivable to have a transmission problem on such a newer car, however, certain situations occur which cause transmissions to fail which are usually out of the drivers control. So, do you Need a Replacement Used Hyundai Genesis Transmission for Sale?

Let me start out by saying this is a perfect situation to take advantage of a big money saver. A low mileage used transmission is a great value and readily available for such a new car. It is so much easier if you can buy a pre tested “low mileage” used transmission with all of the small stuff still attached. Essentially, it’s bolt, turn key transmission.

Did you know the Genesis is a front engine-rear wheel drive car? I was surprised to find out it’s is not a FWD car? I like the rear wheel drive setup, it feels more stable to me in overall ride, especially in a luxurious, sporty performance car. It’s not an ordinary rear wheel drive setup.

Looking at the transmission lineup, it’s easy to see how modern all of them are, with plenty of forward gears to propel you where you want to go with the best economy and ride.
1. 6-speed Aisin automatic [V6]
2. 6-speed ZF 6HP26 automatic [V8]
3. 8-speed automatic [2011-on]

What this means though is that the transmission has to be of longitudinal design. That means the engine and transmission [bolted together in front, under the hood] run north to south with the axis of the car. Using a drive-shaft to connect the rear differential and transmission. The Genesis has independent rear suspension too, which is for sportier, better handling cars.

It’s hard to beat a factory original transmission, with no history of problems and only 20 to 40,000 miles on it. Sometimes we even get lower mileage units, it varies from day to day. Most of the donor cars have been in an accident and deemed totaled. Or for some reason not related to the drivetrain, is in the recycling yard being disassembled.

Each transmission is tested in the actual donor car before removal so all of the factory computers are hooked up for perfect operation, and no oil leaks or other issues, it’s Certified [on papaer] to be ‘good’ and ready to be sold. You need to call the sales reps. at and find out what we have for sale today.

It’s always advisable to make the call and talk to a living human who can tell you more about this excellent value. And make sure you ask about our warranty plans, guaranteed to exceed your expectations. I like to talk to a human being when I have to make critical purchases.

Call now and get the tuff questions answered honestly. Find out how good, good customer service can be. Let show you how easy and fast it is to buy the right Hyundai Genesis transmission. Call us now. 866-320-1182.

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