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Infiniti M35X Transmissions for Sale

The M35X Infiniti is a full sized luxury car. Made between 2005 and 1010. The name identifies which power-plant it has. Making use of a 7 forward speed automatic transmission. The only transmission offered in the M35X. If you are on the hunt for one of said transmissions, has rebuilt and low mileage used Infiniti M35X transmissions for sale. I want to mention and discuss the CLKUP feature.

CLKUP is an acronym for “Computer-Controlled Continuously Variable Lockup.” It’s important to note that this is not referring to a CVT transmission, but rather a continuously variable lockup torque converter of which every automatic transmission has. The two items are totally different. In fact, 99% of the cars on the road in the last 15 years have some form of a lock up torque converter. Infiniti has designed an excellent working system that is so smooth, most people are not aware of it, but it saves gas and engine wear.

Infiniti calls it an” Adaptive Shifting Transmission”. Before I go any further on this matter, let me mention the M35X is a front engine rear wheel drive car. There is nothing conventional about it. The engine and transmission are located further back than most cars, not actually a ”mid-ship engine”, it does sit closer to the center of the car, therefore allowing for almost perfect weight distribution for greater handling and stopping ability. 50/50 weight distribution was the goal.

Adaptive shifting is Infifni’s trade-name for their version of an automatic overdrive transmission controlled by a complicated computer system. Making use of sensors mounted on the chassis, engine and transmission. Then the brain of the transmission [valve body] receives real time input signals, thus allowing the car to instantly adapt to any driving condition or driving habit put to it.

It’s not very common, but M35X transmissions have failures. Which leads me to the frustration and trouble most folks have deciding how to replace their transmission for an affordable price, with out sacrificing reliability.

I am not in a position to recommend anything to you, but if you call and speak with a representative, all of the proper questions will be asked of you, and then we will teach you how to choose a transmission that suits your budget and needs. Making a great decision is a great feeling.

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